Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials

Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials

The Summer Holiday Season is coming up! Time for hot Summer days, relaxing on beaches and flying off to a beautiful destination. If you’re planning to go to a trip to a country with warm temperatures, I have a selection Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials to show you in today’s post.


Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials

Of course, the most important thing when it comes to Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials is Sun Protection. The Riemann P20 Once A Day Sun Protection Spray protects from UVA + UVB for up to 10 hours, is very water resistant and quickly drying, available in SPF30 and SPF50. This product feels a bit sticky but it is perfect if you go sightseeing with long walks in the sun or swimming and not having the time to constantly re-apply your Sun Protection. The Riemann P20 products are easily available at Etos.


Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials

Because I color my hair, I normally try to avoid washing my hair as much as possible. Usually, I wash my hair once or twice per week but with a lot of activities like swimming (and a lot of sweating), I have to wash my hair daily. The Aquarius Haircare Hair Turban is a lightweight towel that dries your hair easily, gently and quickly. It has a button so it’s easy to keep your hair in a turban using this product. I really like to bring this along because it also minimizes frizziness, which my hair is very sensitive to when I’m at humid areas. It’s also easy to clean by hand wash if needed and dries quickly. You can order the Aquarius Haircare Hair Turban at places like and at


Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials

The next product isn’t even a Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials, because I bring the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler with me wherever I go! The regular version is the brush that I use to brush my hair with every day. It detangles my hair in a gentle way and feels painless. The Compact Styler has a lid to protect the bristles and is smaller, so perfect for traveling. You can find the full review, prices and availability of this product here.


I always bring a light-coverage foundation or BB Cream in a darker skintone than my own when I go on vacation, but it always fails because I get really tanned during that period, making the product look ashy and grey on my skin. The perfect solution for this problem is a product such as the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation.

This product can easily be mixed with any type of liquid foundation, BB Cream etc. to darken or lighten the shade. I have one of these in the darkest shade, which I mix with my regular foundation so I don’t have to buy a whole range of foundation shades. So I would suggest to bring your favorite BB Cream/foundation and a deep shade of the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation so you can always have a perfect match. You can find the full review, prices and availability of this product here.

To me, the most important thing when it comes to make-up are the eyebrows. If I would have to choose to bring one product for traveling, it would be an eyebrow product. Benefit Cosmetics has a beautiful range of eyebrow products. I love to use pomades like the Ka-Brow! and I also love the Foolproof Brow Powder because it looks soft, especially when this is the only product that I’m wearing. These products are both long-lasting and can take some sweat. I think Ka-Brow! would even survive water. You can find the full review, prices and availability of the Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder here.


If I wear eyeshadow during my vacations, I use cream eyeshadows in a pot or stick like the MAC Paint Pots or the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks. These type of products are easy to use, look great on their own and most importantly, do not move and inch after they have set. These are absolutely perfect to use for humid areas or just for normal days for everyday make-up looks when you just don’t have the time to do more elaborate things with your make-up. These products are available at several places like De BijenkorfHudson’s Bay and Douglas.


I’m personally not a fan of waterproof mascara, because my lashes are sensitive to breaking off. Instead, I use the NYX Professional Makeup Worth The Hype Mascara. I love the effect and how it looks on its own. When you’re in a humid area, I would suggest to only use this mascara on your top lashes or use powder to set your undereye area, because it does run when it comes to contact with water. You can find the full review, prices and availability of the mascara here.

To cool down my face and keep all the make-up in place, I love to use face mists like the ones from The Body Shop. There are five types to pick from, each having their own benefits so it depends on your preferences which one would be best for you. I love to bring the The Body Shop Mint Mattifying Face Mist to warm places, because it has a gorgeous refreshing mint scent. You can find the full review, prices and availability of the face mists here.


What goes on your face, has come off at some point! The Original Makeup Eraser is a cloth that easily removes your make-up using only water. Even long-lasting products like liquid lipsticks can be removed using this cloth. Using the other side, it can exfoliate your skin so it’s basically a two-in-on product! This product is available in a few shades and designs, like the Limited Edition Tropical Makeup Eraser.

If you need to clean the The Original Makeup Eraser during travel, you can also bring along the Makeup Eraser Infuse Anti-Oxidant Wash, a cleanser for your cloth that cleans and washes out make-up but contains anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, Green Tea, Blueberries and Aloe Vera to give your skin an extra boost when using the cloth.

The Makeup Eraser products are easily available at places like the Etos Stores and Douglas.


Lipbalms are also a must-have in my book when it comes to vacations, especially since my lips can become very dry in airplanes and airconditioned areas. My favorite at this moment are the The Body Shop Lip Juicers (review here), these are sooooo good!! The lip juicers are available in different flavours and smell like smoothies. It’s a perfect addition for a Summer vibe.

If you’re scared that your products will melt in the Summer heat, you can also opt for liquid lip balms or nourishing glosses, like the Clinique Chubby Plump & Shine Liquid Lip Plumping Gloss (review here). This is what I usually go for to put in my bag, while I leave the solid balms at the hotel.


Hand-sanitizers are so important to me when I’m traveling because I never know if there’s a sink available to wash your hands. Hygiene is so important so it is always a good thing to have these on hand. I often use these before and after a meal. You can get hand sanitizers at drugstores, also abroad (especially in Southeast-Asia) but I’m not positive if these are available in most countries so it’s best to bring one beforehand. I got mine at a store called Makeup Label in Rotterdam.


Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials

Last but certainly not least, samples and mini-sized products. These are definitely another staple that you need on vacations to prevent bringing all kinds of bulky products. You can usually use skincare samples/mini’s for multiple days, same goes for perfume samples so you don’t have to bring around a heavy glass bottle in your suitcase. Since these are so small, you can also easily bring them in your carry-on (in a trasparent, close-able bag) as well. I bring enough skincare/perfume to last the entire vacation.

I also bring some samples/mini’s shampoo/conditioner/showergel/bodylotion along that only last a few days and buy a fullsize version when I’m at the location, since these products are usually affordable to buy, in comparison to skincare or perfume. This saves a lot of space, liquids and weight in your suitcase!

Make-up mini’s are also great for traveling. I always bring a few mini liquid lipsticks along to have a few different options without immediately filling my make-up bag. There’s a mini version for any type of make-up product; bronzers, blushes, eyebrow products, you name it! Benefit Cosmetics has a lot of mini-sized make-up products available, which you can buy at Douglas.


I hope that my list of Summer Vacation Beauty Essentials will help you with packing. If you’re planning to go on a Summer Vacation, I hope you will have a wonderful, sunny, fun and relaxing time! I’ve already went on my vacation in May to North-Sulawesi, Indonesia. I would absolutely recommend this place if you love a relaxing, diving/snorkling without being in a too touristic place.


Are you going on a Summer Vacation? What are your beauty essentials?

A variety of products mentioned in this post were received via PR. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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