The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid – Holiday 2017

For the Holidays, The Body Shop has launched Metallic versions of their Matte Lip Liquids. The Limited Edition Metal Lip Liquids are supposed to be lightweight and formulated to effortlessly glide on like a gloss and set with a velvety, metallic matte finish. I’m going to show you five shades of the The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in this post.



The The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid are available in six different shades. Each shade name starts with a name of a color, followed by a type of metal. Unfortunately, I’m missing one shade, which is Pink Nickel. The other shades are Rose GoldFuchsia ChromeRusset CopperScarlet Steel and Plum Titanium.



The plastic tube is non-transparent black with a sticker that has a similar color as the shade it represents. It also has a metallic finish in addition to a holographic shine. I really like how it looks but I personally prefer a transparent tube to be able to see how much product there’s left. The tube contains 8 mL of product and has either black or white details, depending how dark the shade is. The doe foot applicator is small and thin with a slanted tip like the original matte versions.


Here are swatches of the The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid shades that I’ve received. The lipsticks are thick, creamy and feel as soft as a lipbalm when applying. All shades have a sweet, candy type scent, which reminds me of the heart candies that are popular during Valentines Day that have a word stamped on it. The lipsticks are pigmented but not fully opaque. None of them dry completely but do “set” over time.


The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Rose Gold

The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Rose Gold is a Pale Pink Nude shade with a soft, Pale Yellow shift. I thought this shade would be too light for me but I actually think it looks good! I also think that this shade would be really great in combination with a darker lipstick by dabbing this shade on top of the other color on the middle of the lips to create an ombré effect.


The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Fuchsia Chrome

The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Fuchsia Chrome is a Vibrant Fuchsia shade. I absolutely love this shade. It’s really girly and fun, perfect for a party look or even a real eye catcher for an every day look combined with a simple winged liner.


The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Russet Copper

The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Russet Copper is a Bronze-y Copper shade. I think this is a very cool shade and would be quite popular and wearable if it was non-metallic, but the finish makes this shade very unique but also less wearable. I would wear it in a heartbeat though! My little girl Korra was screaming for attention while taking pictures wearing this shade, so I had to give her some cuddles and also give her a moment in the spotlight.


The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Scarlet Steel

The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Scarlet Steel is a Raspberry Red shade. Another very cute and girly shade. I would love to wear this one during the Summer period. It’s so feminine and a really beautiful alternative for a regular red shade.


The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Plum Titanium

The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid in Plum Titanium is a Red shade with Blue Undertones. Blue based reds are my favorite type of red shades. The metallic finish makes this shade scream Holidays to me and also looks really sultry and beautiful. I think this would be a great shade to wear during a Christmas party.


I had no problems in application on the lips except for Rose Gold. That shade applies a bit streaky but the trick is to apply it with the wand, softly go over with your finger and leave the lips alone for a few minutes. What is important when it comes to application for all the shades is that you do not rub your lips together until the lipstick completely sets, which takes a few minutes. Like I mentioned before, the formula isn’t fully opaque so if you rub your lips together to soon, you will see patches. The lipstick sets but does not completely dry, which also means that they do transfer and are prone to smudging, but also gets less over time. It does have a better staying power than regular lipsticks and a bit less than a matte liquid lipstick. I wore one of these shades at an evening party and I didn’t need to touch up at all, even with eating snacks and drinking.


I’m absolutely loving the The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid lipsticks! My favorite shades are Fuchsia Chrome and Plum Titanium. Metal Liquid Lipsticks are known for not being very wearable and from what I see on social media, people often find the metallic trend not very flattering. However, I think these shades, finish and formula make them look very good and fun to wear. They also feel comfortable due to the creamy lipbalm type of consistency. Even though they get dryer over time, they steel feel comfortable. I definitely am going to get the last shade because I want this collection to be complete in my stash.


The Limited Edition The Body Shop Metal Lip Liquid lipsticks are available for €9,00 Euro each at and The Body Shop stores.

If you’re curious to see what other products and gift sets The Body Shop offers for the Holidays, I would suggest to check out this post.

Which shade would you love to try out?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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