TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes Exclusive New Shades Set

TheBalm has launched six new shades of their Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipsticks. These new shades can also be purchased together in a set, which is the Limited Edition TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes Exclusive New Shades Set. I’m going to show you all the new shades in this post.



The TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes Exclusive New Shades Set consists of six new shades, which are FaithfulCharismaticBrilliantAffectionateReliable and Romantic. Like all TheBalm products, this set comes in very cute 50’s type of retro packaging. This set would really be great as a gift for someone who loves to wear different shades of make-up. Also, all the shades in this set look really wearable (as most of the TheBalm products!) and is a great introduction to their brand like the previous set they’ve launched during the winter period (review here).


The tubes of the mini’s are transparent and have silver details. The name of the shades are also displayed on the tube. There isn’t much product in these mini’s, only containing 1.2 mL of product. The fullsize contains 7.4 mL, so there’s a six times difference in comparison to the fullsize. What I’ve seen from other brands who have mini’s it’s usually half or one third of the volume, so you really get the bare minimum of a product. Looking at the price of the set, you pay a bit less than two fullsize products while you only receive the same amount of one fullsize when it comes to volume, but I personally think it’s worth it since you get six shades in total.


Even though the mini version is really tiny compared to the fullsized product, the wands are very similar. I think that the doe foot applicator has about the same fluffiness and the same size. The only noticable difference is that the wand is shorter.


Here are the swatches of the lipsticks in the TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes Exclusive New Shades Set from left to right. All lipsticks are very pigmented and opaque. The formula feels creamy but still thin without being runny. They dry about the same, I would say 3 minutes on my lips to really become transfer-proof.

You do have to like strong scents with this liquid lipstick, because this is one of the strongest scents I’ve smelled with in a lipstick. I always found the scent familiar but I could never come up what is smelled like. My boyfriend smelled it and he immediately said it smelled like Tic Tacs, which is so true! It actually has the opposite effect of a Tic Tac, because it smells very strong and minty at first and then changes into a softer minty, vanilla version after the initial scent. The scent lingers even after it has fully dried. I really like the smell though because I love strong, vanilla type of scents.


TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Faithful

TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Faithful is a dark fuchsia shade with a matte finish. This is a beautiful feminine shade that would probably suit many different skintones.

I’m not going to repeat myself over and over so I just wanted to mention that all the shades apply perfectly on my lips and can easily last through a drink and/or meal when it’s not too greasy. It is also very easy to touch up. The lipsticks are very comfortable and lasts for 6-8 hours on me.


TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Charismatic

TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Charismatic is a nude peach shade with a matte finish. It looks way darker on my arm and when I was applying the lipstick, I initially thought that the shade would be too light for me but it turned out to be one of my favorite nude shades ever! It looks very flattering and I think this one is best suitable for lighter and medium skin tones.


TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Brilliant

TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Brilliant is a soft pink shade with a matte finish. It’s such a cute and girly shade and I love it! It really has a beautiful, soft look so it’s also perfect as an everyday shade.


TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Affectionate

TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Affectionate is a lavender mauve shade with a matte finish. I think this one is the most unusual and unique shade in the set. It leans to the cool side but for some reason, it still looks so beautiful and flattering! This shade looks SO different on me than on the example picture of the packaging and on my arm swatch (check yourself at a few photos on top)! This is why I always recommend to check out several pictures of the shade before purchasing or swatch them yourself when possible!


TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Reliable

TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Reliable is a nude brown shade with a matte finish. I love these types of shades, it’s my favorite no fuss, go-to type of shade. I think that a shade like this one will look amazing on light to medium skintones like I have.


TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Romantic

TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes in Romantic is a berry red shade with a matte finish. This red looks a bit softer than a classic red shade and still looks amazing and sophisticated. I think red shades are always great for any type of skintone.


I can’t really say anything else about the TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes Exclusive New Shades Set then love, love, love! Love the shade range (seriously, every shade I’ve tried looks great on me), love the scent, love the formula! It is so effortless to apply and definitely one of my favorite liquid lipsticks of all the brands that I’ve tried so far. The only little downside that I have is that I wish that you would get more product in the mini’s, but there’s definitely plenty in a fullsize so if you’re not sure what shade you want to get or would suit you, try a mini set and get the fullsize product afterwards!


The TheBalm Meet Matte Hughes Exclusive New Shades Set is available for a Limited time for € 28,95 at and


Have you tried any liquid lipsticks from TheBalm? Which shade is your favorite?


  1. Britt
    June 16, 2017 / 7:10 am

    Zo zo mooi! Vooral Brilliant!

  2. June 20, 2017 / 5:39 pm

    Oh my God, your lips are so beautiful! Wish I had lips like that, haha. I love Romantic and Faithful, pretty colours! Malou x

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