Urban Decay Brow Blade + Brow Endowed Review

Urban Decay Brow Blade + Brow Endowed Review
Step up your brow game with the Urban Decay Brow Blade and Brow Endowed. These long-lasting products can help to sculpt and define your eyebrows, having them look on point for the entire day and night. For today’s post, I’m going to review and give you all the details on these two products.


Urban Decay Brow Blade

Urban Decay Brow Blade Review Urban Decay Brow Blade Review

The Urban Decay Brow Blade (€26,00 Euro) has a double-sided end, with a Waterproof Pencil (0.05 g) and an Ink Stain (0.4 mL) that give a precise definition for a microbladed eyebrow look. To use the product, the brand recommends to start with the pencil to shape, shade, and fill in sparse areas. Then, use the ink stain to create hair-like strokes and add dimension.


Urban Decay Brow Blade Dark Drapes Swatches

The Urban Decay Brow Blade is currently available in four shades in The Netherlands. I have the darkest one, which is Dark Drapes, a Dark Brown shade. The Pencil feels sturdy but gives off a good amount of product in thin strokes. The Ink Stain is nicely saturated. It does go into fine lines but I don’t notice any bleeding during the eyebrow application. Once in place, the products do not move. The pencil is waterproof but dus fade when it comes in contact with water combined rubbing.


I want to show my eyebrow without product before application. My eyebrow hairs are dark but aren’t dense and has a lot of sparse areas. Also, my eyebrow hairs are long and usually point downwards at the tail area. What I usually want for my brows is more color to fill in and shape, and a product that holds my brow hairs into place.



Here is my eyebrow after using the Urban Decay Brow Blade in Dark Drapes. As recommended, I first used the Pencil to shape, shade and fill my eyebrows. Then I used to Ink Stain to detail, especially on the front area of my eyebrows. I didn’t use a spoolie brush to show the effect when using this product only, but I personally feel like this product needs to be combined with a spoolie. I find the strokes using the ink stain a little too harsh and a spoolie makes everything look just a little softer. I do think the color looks good on me but I usually prefer a more cooler tone.


Urban Decay Brow Endowed

The Urban Decay Brow Endowed (€28,00 Euro) has a double-sided end that volumizes and sets brows with a Primer (3.55 g) that fluffs and holds combined with a Tinted Cream (4.25 g) that fills and shapes. To use the product, the brand recommends to use the primer for volume, then gently brush on the tinted brow cream to intensify.


The Urban Decay Brow Endowed is currently available in four shades in The Netherlands. Like the other product, I have Dark Drapes, a Dark Brown shade. The Primer is sticky and has subtle cream color, which isn’t noticeable on the brows. The Tinted Cream is basically fully opaque. Once set, it doesn’t budge. Even my waterproof make-up remover has trouble removing this product in one go, so it is definitely very long-lasting!


Here is my eyebrow after using the Urban Decay Brow Endowed in Dark Drapes. The instructions weren’t very clear if I needed to use this on my brow hairs or on my entire eyebrow area. I’ve tried to use this product on my entire eyebrow area but it didn’t look very flattering. Since both ends have a spooly, the application isn’t very precise, which makes the eyebrows look very harsh when used on the entire area. It is possible if a spoolie is used to soften the product because as you could see from the swatches, it is a very opaque product.

I used the product by trying to apply both ends on my brow hairs only as much as possible. As you can see, I still hit my skin on the tail of my brows, which doesn’t look very flattering. This product might be ideal for someone who already has dense brows and is looking for more color and definition, but for me, this isn’t a product to be used on its own. The brow hairs do set in place and stay that way all day using this product.


Here is a combination of both the Urban Decay Brow Blade and Brow Endowed in Dark Drapes. This is my favorite combination for my eyebrows. The Brow Blade fills and gives my eyebrows more definition, while the Brow Endowed sets my long and stubborn eyebrow hairs into place, giving it some extra color and texture.


I feel like my eyebrows need both products to give a desired effect. I do think the products look quite harsh when used on their own so I would personally use these products combined with a spoolie to make it look more natural. This combination really gives a waterproof and long-lasting effect, making my eyebrows look on point for the entire day.

I think both the Urban Decay Brow Blade and Brow Endowed products have a learning curve because the products give off a lot of color. I don’t think this is a product for beginners. After some practice, I really enjoy the Urban Decay Brow Blade ink stain side to create little hair strokes at the front of my eyebrows. I recommend to check the products out and ask for advice which products would be best for your eyebrows.


Urban Decay Brow Blade + Brow Endowed Review

The Urban Decay Brow Blade and Brow Endowed are available at IciParisXL.nl and selected Ici Paris XL stores.



Do you like natural or sharp looking eyebrows? 

*These products were PR gifted. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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