Etos Nail Polishes + Giveaway!

Etos Nail Polishes

Etos has renewed their Nail Polish collection where they not only have re-designed and re-formulated their polishes, but also offering a wide variety of shades. I have five shades to show you today AND in collaboration with Etos, I’m also giving away all these five shades!! Definitely check the swatches down below and see how you can win these gorgeous Etos Nail Polishes.



The new Etos Nail Polish collection consists of twelve color ranges, each having six shades. This means there are 72 shades in total! There’s really a shade for everyone and every season. The shades that I’ve received are Deep OceanSh*t UpTroublemakerSip of Red Wine and Dream Big Honey. I looooove that Etos has come up with cute names for these polishes. Cute and funny names are much more memorable and more personal than just numbers.


etos-nail-polish-03 etos-nail-polish-04

The Nail Polish bottle has been completely re-vamped, looking very simplified and modern. The cap is black while the bottle is made of transparent glass. The Etos logo is embossed on the bottle, which looks really awesome and unique. The bottle contains 5 mL product in total.


etos-nail-polish-05 etos-nail-polish-08

The cap a sticker on top the which shows the name of the polish with a matching shade as the background. I think this is a great idea. I have an Ikea Alex cabinet full of nail polishes. For most of the polishes, I have to get them out to check the bottom which polish it is. For these, I immediately can see what the shades are when looking in the drawer. The brush of the Etos Nail Polishes is wide so you can easily apply the polish. For all swatches down below, I used to coats of the Nail Polish.


Etos Deep Ocean Nail Polish

etos-nail-polish-65-deep-ocean-01 etos-nail-polish-65-deep-ocean-02

Etos Deep Ocean is a Sky Blue creme nail polish. I find the name of the shade a bit strange for the color, because I would consider a deep ocean shade to be much darker. Anyways, Deep Ocean is beautiful. I love light blue polishes so I immediately felt in love as soon as I saw it. It was very easy to work with. The consistency of this shade is very thin but opaque and applies even. I used two coats for the swatch.


Etos Sh*t Up Nail Polish

etos-nail-polish-27-sh-t-up-01 etos-nail-polish-27-sh-t-up-02

Etos Sh*t Up is Warm Rose creme nail polish. When I saw this name, I thought damn Etos, your brand has really developed to become more modern and hip huh? Never thought that I would see a name like this from a brand like this one, and I love it. The shade is also very beautiful and very feminine. The consistency was also great. Thin and very pigmented. One coat should be enough for short nails. I used two in the swatch above.


Etos Troublemaker Nail Polish

etos-nail-polish-45-troublemaker-01 etos-nail-polish-45-troublemaker-02

Etos Troublemaker is Berry creme nail polish. When I always fall for shades like this in polishes and in lipsticks. It looks so luxurious and for me personally, a shade that would fit any season. Again, very beautiful and thin consistency, with one  being enough for short nails and two for longer nails.


Etos Sip of Red Wine

etos-nail-polis-35-sip-of-red-wine-01 etos-nail-polis-35-sip-of-red-wine-02

Etos Sip of Red Wine is Dark, Wine Red creme nail polish. The name of the polish fits perfect with the shade. It is very beautiful and sophisticated. I can definitely see myself pair this with the same shade of lipstick. The formula looks more like a Jelly but is still very thin and opaque, two coats is enough for full opacity like I did with the swatch above.


Etos Dream Big Honey

etos-nail-polisj-47-dream-big-honey-01 etos-nail-polisj-47-dream-big-honey-02

Etos Sip of Dream Big Honey is Dark, Violet Oxblood creme nail polish. This shade is perfect for the Fall/Winter period. Very bold and vampy. Like Troublemaker, this has more of a Jelly type consistency but still is nicely pigmented. I used two coats for the swatch.



I’m really amazed by the high quality of the Etos Nail Polishes. The formulas of the five polishes I’ve tried are simply amazing. They all are thin, apply evenly, dry quickly and have a beautiful shiny finish. Two coats of these polishes really make a perfect mani. What’s most amazing about these polishes is that they are available at the Etos stores for only €1,99 Euro each! Seriously, you have to try at least one of them to see for yourself.


Etos Nail Polish Giveaway


In collaboration with Etos, I’m giving away these five nail polish shades! How cool is that!? You can keep them all to yourself but it’s also a great to share with your friends or to use them for a Sinterklaas/Christmas gift if some of the shades are not your thing. I could choose my own rules for this giveaway and thought it would be nice to do one on my Snapchat!



The only thing you need to do is add me on Snapchat (username TheBeautynerd) and send me a Snap letting me know what your favorite nail polish shade and finish is. It doesn’t matter how you do it, if you just send a picture with text or film, I would love to see your opinion! I don’t really have a favorite shade but I love very pale pastel shades with a creme finish. I also am obsessed with holograhic finishes.

The giveaway is open until next Friday, 25th of November. You will need to to have a Dutch address to be able to join. I will pick a winner the next day at random and will contact the winner via Snapchat.


Have you tried one of the new Etos Nailpolishes?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. November 18, 2016 / 12:17 pm

    Dream Big Honey is echt volledig mijn ding! Jammer dat we hier in Belgiƫ geen Etos hebben, want voor de prijs moet je het al helemaal niet laten!
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