OPI Color Paints Mini Set

OPI has released a gorgeous collection called OPI Color Paints, blendable nail polishes especially for creating nail art. Collections like these are close to my heart, since my first blogging experience started with nail art. I’m going to review a mini set of this collection and show you how easy you can create nail art using these polishes.


OPI Color Paints Nailpolish

The OPI Color Paints mini set contains six nail polishes with a volume of 3.75 mL, one used as a base and five blendable nail polishes. Their names are from left to right: Silver Canvas Undercoat, Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange, Pen & Pink, Purple Perspective and Turquoise Aesthetic.


OPI Silver Canvas Undercoat

Silver Canves Undercoat is a metallic silver nail polish. This is one of the best silver nail polishes I’ve seen. It looks like aluminum and has an almost mirror-like effect. It dries very fast and you only need one coat for full opacity. I used two coats on the picture above.


OPI Color Paints Swatches 01

The blendable colored polishes are very fun to use. I noticed that it is best to remove most of the nail polish from the brush and swipe the brush carefully at random on the nails.  I used Primarily Yellow and Chromatic Orange on my pointer finger, Chromatic Orange and  Pen & Pink on my middle finger, Pen & Pink and Purple Perspective on my ring finger and Purple Perspective  and Turquoise Aesthetic on my pinkie finger.


All of the colors easily blend when you put them on top of each other. Their colors change like when putting Primarily Yellow and Turquoise Aesthetic together to make a green shade of nail polish. Wait until the polish has dried before applying the second color on top!!  For this manicure, I used Primarily YellowPen & Pink and Turquoise Aesthetic.


It’s so easy to create so many different nail art looks using only two or three polishes of this set. I used Pen & PinkPurple Perspective and Turquoise Aesthetic to create this manicure. See how it totally is different compared to the previous picture?


OPI Color Paints 02

I love this set. It’s so easy to create different nail art looks just by swiping these nail polishes at random on your nais. You can use many different nail art techniques like water marble, splatters, fishtail etc.

The OPI Color Paints Mini Set is available for €37,95 Euro at several stores like Douglas. I haven’t seen them on the Douglas website though. Check the OPI website for all the sales points.

Have you ever tried to do nail art?



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