My Kind of Love Fragrance Collection – Kissing by Kilian Eau de Parfum Review

Kilian created the new My Kind of Love fragrance collection, inspired by and created for young lovers. The collection consists of four unisex scents: PrincessKissingBoys and Adults, described as flirty, fun and free play, each fragrance has an bold statement, a truth or dare to love in your very own way. For today’s post, I’m going to show all the fragrances descriptions and review Kissing by Kilian Eau de Parfum in more detail.


Kilian My Kind of Love Review

I was actually able to try out the entire Kilian My Kind of Love fragrance collection before picking my favorite of the bunch, Kissing. Here are the scents described by the founder of the brand, Kilian Hennessy:

I DON’T NEED A PRINCE BY MY SIDE TO BE A PRINCESS – “I wanted to amp up the girl power with a unique scent calling out all fierce females. Gourmand with a kick, PRINCESS is like sipping on a green tea mocha with a tip of ginger on the nose for sassy spice.”

KISSING BURNS 6.4 CALORIES A MINUTE. WANNA WORKOUT? – “When else can you experience something so sweet and burn calories all at the same time? KISSING is a luscious remix of floral and gourmand notes, it speaks to the most perfect sport for couples with incredible chemistry. Just like a great kiss, as the perfume evolves the emotions get more intense.”

BAD BOYS ARE NO GOOD BUT GOOD BOYS ARE NO FUN – “I wanted to invite you to take a walk on the wild side with a scent made for misbehaving. BOYS is a very sexy and very fresh scent thanks to the instantly recognizable cola accord made of nutmeg, cinnamon and lime.”

LET’S SETTLE  THIS ARGUMENT LIKE ADULTS IN THE BEDROOM NAKED – “I wanted to create the solution to all of lovers’ quarrels with a fragrance to end all fighting. ADULTS is a very sensual scent with a top note of fig milk that hits soft like naked skin, then cedarwood and vanilla prolong the experience into much more than six minutes of pleasure.”




The Kilian My Kind of Love fragrance collection’s bottle is a glossy black sphere inspired by contemporary art. The bottle is standing on a pedestal with a playful phrase, having a different phrase for the four fragrances embossed in red and gold. The bottle is weighted so it feels heavy.

I absolutely love the look of the bottle! The pedestal makes it so different and unique. The overall look and quality makes it feel very daring and super luxurious. The only downside is that you can’t see how much product is left inside the bottle.


I always check the fragrances notes on official websites however, the description of Kissing by Kilian Eau de Parfum is very vague when in comes to the top, middle and base notes, so I had to rely on the description by

Top Notes: Bergamot
Middle Note: Lily of the Valley, Rose and Green Notes
Base Note: Milk, Sugar and Vanilla

At first when I first spray on the perfume, I notice the scent being fresh but I can’t really distinguish Bergamot. This quickly changes into something more Floral. I’m usually not a floral type of person but I do really like this combination. For me, Lily of the Valley is more present than Rose, but I definitely can pick that scent up too. I actually think that the combinaton Green Notes make the scent less “overly floral”, which is probably why I like it. The base is very long lasting and I can notice the scent on my skin for the entire day. It has a beautiful warm and sweet scent, absolutely smells Sugary, Milky and the Vanilla scent is also nicely present.

“I wanted to create the solution to all of lovers’ quarrels with a fragrance to end all fighting. ADULTS is a very sensual scent with a top note of fig milk that hits soft like naked skin, then cedarwood and vanilla prolong the experience into much more than six minutes of pleasure.” – Kilian Hennessy


I’m absolutely obsessed by the Kissing by Kilian Eau de Parfum. I have to say that at first, I didn’t find the scent very interesting when I tried it on a sample card and actually preferred Adults. My opinion changed when I was wearing the Kissing on my skin for the first time. I think the base notes really came through when I was wearing the perfume and because I love warm and sweet scents, this became an absolute winner for me and I really can’t stop wearing it.

Before the My Kind of Love fragrance collection came out, I knew the brand Kilian as an exclusive luxury brand with expensive perfumes. I was very excited to hear that the brand was branching out to bigger crowd by creating the collection however, people who are familiar with the brand probably find these fragrances a bit more simple than they’re used to, which is expected since their luxury perfumes usually go for double the price. I still find each fragrance of this collection to stand out, very pleasurable and unique, so I would absolutely suggest to try out these fragrances (on your skin!) when you have the chance.

The Kissing by Kilian Eau de Parfum, as well as the other fragrances of the My Kind of Love collection are available for €68,00 Euro/30 mL, €95,00 Euro/50 mL and €125,00 Euro/100 mL each, exclusively at and Douglas stores.



Which Kilian My Kind of Love fragrance would you like to try out?

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  1. November 11, 2018 / 9:40 pm

    Heerlijk, die geurnoten! Ik ben dol op bergamot, jammer dat je die niet helemaal terug ruikt. De flacon is echt geweldig, trouwens!

  2. November 11, 2018 / 10:12 pm

    oh heerlijk ik hou van geuren met noten!

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