Zarkoperfume Purple Molécule 070 07 Eau de Parfum Review

Zarkoperfume Purple Molécule Eau de Parfum Review

Zarkoperfume is a niche perfume brand created by Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov. Zarko’s vision is to create fragrances inspired by the Nordic Landscape, capturing the climate, lifestyle and aesthetics of Scandinavia, fusing classic French perfumery with Nordic molecular science. Each of the perfumes are hand-made and bottled in Denmark. To celebrate the brands launch at Douglas, Zarko has created the Zarkoperfume Purple Molécule 070 07 Eau de Parfum. I’m going to review this exclusive fragrance in today’s post.


Zarkoperfume Purple Molécule Eau de Parfum Review

The packaging of the Zarkoperfume Purple Molécule 070 07 Eau de Parfum looks very clean and minimalistic, a white container with gold details. The bottle also looks very timeless, clean and feels very sturdy and expensive, containing 100 mL of product. The liquid inside the bottle has a light, lilac hue.


Zarkoperfume Purple Molécule Eau de Parfum Review

The Zarkoperfume Purple Molécule 070 07 Eau de Parfum is described as a memorable Summer fragrance, inspired by adventure, festivals, palm trees and unforgettable moments on the beach. The notes of the fragrance includes Dragon Fruit, Vanilla from Madagascar and Sandalwood. Since the composition of the brands perfumes is developed with molecular bonds, the fragrance will be experienced differently on everyone’s skin.

When I first apply this perfume on my skin, it smells very light and fruity. The Dragon Fruit note definitely jumps out and makes the fragrance feel uplifting and Summer-y. While still noticing the fruity note, the fragrance becomes more of a sweet and warm  over time. I can smell Sandalwood but the Vanilla note isn’t as noticeable on me. The perfume is unfortunately not that long-lasting on my skin. I think the perfume only lasts up to three hours on me, but can be reactivated slightly by using water. I personally prefer to re-apply the perfume. Since the perfume is so light and clean, re-applying does not make the fragrance smell heavy.

I find the perfume to be light, fruity and clean. It is a beautiful fragrance, a minimalistic but unique combination; uplifting, feminine and happy. I would categorize the perfume as day-time and perfect for the Summer Season.




The Zarkoperfume Purple Molécule 070 07 Eau de Parfum will be exclusively available at starting from mid/end July 2019 for €125,00 Euro.



Are you curious to try out the fragrances of Zarkoperfume?

*This product is PR gifted. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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