Happy 2018! Reflecting back on 2017 Goals + New Goals

Happy New Year everyone! I needed a few days to rest up after all the festivities but I’m back and will hopefully be posting articles regularly like you’re used to! For today, I want to reflect back on my 2017 Goals, which you can read back here. I also have a handful of new goals that I want to share for 2018.



Buy less make-up, focus on what I have –  I think I semi-reached this goal. I bought less make-up throughout this year (which was easy to do because I was over spending the years before) and since I had more collaboration with brands through PR, I had plenty of stuff to review. I also received many new products because of the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards. I still have tons of products that I’ve purchased and never used. These are waiting for a review so I’m definitely going to try and do so for this year.

More focus on Instagram – I definitely reached this goal! I really tried to look for a nice overview of my page that would fit what I want to show on Instagram and really focused on the quality of all the pictures. I almost have three times more followers than when I started and I hope I can keep this trend up for this year.

Cleaning up my stash and start a Blogsale – I failed this goal. I really wanted to do a blog sale but I just didn’t have the time to take pictures of everything and create an overview. Besides that, the sale progress itself takes a lot of time as well. I hope I can create one soon because it’s a waste for all the products that I was to sell just laying in a box when instead I can make someone else happy with them!


Improve on product shots and flatlays – Looking back at the pictures that I’ve made last year, I think I reached this goal. I didn’t do many flatlays but I found a way to find my own personal style and edit the pictures to make them look more beautiful. I wish I was creative enough to do some stylish pictures with a nice background but it’s just not my thing so I’m also not going to change what I like to do, even though it’s less popular.

More artistic, Videogames inspired looks – I miserably failed this goal. I still want to do Videogames inspired looks, especially with some lipart and show them on my Instagram, but again, time is the key and choosing between time for blogposts or Instagram, I will always choose my blog. I will try to at least to a few of them this year!

Create a Liquid Lipstick list page – Another fail unfortunately! I have so many liquid lipsticks that I wanted to create a page with all the brands and give them grades to give you an idea to what brands would be interesting to try out! I hope I can make it this year but I’m not going to make it a priority


I don’t have many goals this year other than keeping up my Blog and Instagram as much as possible. I really hope to make my blog more professional so I can work less for my daytime job and do all the other stuff that I really wish I have time for on my blog. I also hope that I will be able to create an entry for the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards this year, but the everlasting product that I have is time so we’ll see! I’m really grateful for all the progress and followers on my blog and social media so I’m hoping that this year will be just as great as it was last year!

Did you set any goals for 2018?

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