My Beauty Blogger New Year Resolutions for 2016


Happy New Year everyone! I hope the coming year will bring you much fun and laughter, love and lot’s of great make-up days. I usually don’t do New Years resolutions, because I don’t feel determined or motivated enough to start or keep it up. However, since I really enjoy blogging, I’ve been thinking on what I would want to do to improve my blogging skills and my blog in 2016. So for my very first blog post on The Beautynerd of this year, I want to share my Beauty Blogger New Year Resolutions for 2016.


Photography Improvement

♥ Invest and improve on Photography – I don’t have a personal interest in Photography. I bought my first quality camera (I’m using a Samsung NX3000 System Camera) when I started blogging for Fashzine one year ago. I really think I have improved on taking and editing photos, but I think there is much more space to improve on that. I want to be able to take pictures at night in low lighting, so I need to invest in better equipment. Also, I want to be able to understand more about all the options my camera has to offer, which will be a challenge since I’m very impatient, but we’ll see how it goes!


Dutch Makeup Meeting

♥ Find and follow more Dutch Beautybloggers – I really enjoy blogging, and I do follow big bloggers like Serena ( and Debbie (, but I didn’t actively follow other bloggers. I feel terrible about that, because there are so many sweet and talented Dutch bloggers out there where I really look up to. I’ve met some amazing bloggers like Wies (, who I now see as a great friend and is very special to me. A lot of my viewers are bloggers themselves, and I’m very happy to have met you all (virtually) through this blog, and I’m hoping I will have more blogging friends throughout this year. Maybe do collaborations, who knows? 🙂


Makeup Look

♥ Buy less make-up, create more looks – I have been purchasing a lot of make-up products in 2015, so much that I haven’t been able to use and appreciate all of it. I think it’s a shame, because I have so many beautiful products that are left unused. So for this year, I want to try to purchase less make-up, and start using more of the things that I already have. I mostly do reviews on my blog, but I want to make time to actually do more make-up looks, experiment more and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.


♥ Start making videos for my Youtube Channel, show more Personality – I also really want to show more of who I am as a person, but I don’t really know how to express myself in words. So I’m thinking of starting a YouTube Channel. I’m not so comfortable yet on doing make-up on camera, but I would think it would be nice to do Tags and Favorite Videos. This would also be a challenge however, since I’m also not really interested in editing, if you guys have any tips for me like (free) video editing programs for a Windows 8 System, please share them!


Videogames Looks

♥ Incorporate more Videogames subjects in the blog – My blog is called The Beautynerd because I wanted to show and create an environment that would combine my favorite hobbies, Make-up and Videogames. However, I haven’t incorporated the latter part that much on my blog, except for some Videogames related subscription boxes. When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to focus on beauty, so I’m not planning to do any Videogame reviews. Instead, I’m thinking of creating make-up looks inspired by Videogames or Videogame Characters. This would not be meant for creating looks for cosplays to look like the character, just purely inspirational. This would also combine greatly with my previous resolution of using more of my already owned make-up, and creating more looks.

I really hope I will be able to achieve these resolutions for the coming year. I’m hoping that I will grow as a blogger and as a result, my blog will grow together with me, and that you will join me further on this awesome journey.

Do you have any (blogger) New Years Resolutions for 2016?




  1. January 5, 2016 / 10:20 am

    Leuke doelen heb je gesteld, ik denk dat ik er ook ga maken dit jaar! 🙂 Die van fotografie en minder make-up kopen is ook op mij van toepassing haha. Als je iemand zoekt om soms een collab te doen, ik stel me graag kandidaat! 😉
    Mjay recently posted…Feestdagenlook – Looking at the blue side of lifeMy Profile

  2. January 6, 2016 / 8:01 am

    Verdiep in fotografie is altijd handig als blogger. Ik integendeel vind fotografie heel leuk en bezig om iedere dag nog te verbeteren. Ik ga ook misschien Wies en Debby volgen die heb ik ook nog niet gedaan. Je koop idd veel producten meer look minder kopen is zeker ook een goed idee. Hopelijk gaat alles volgens je plan. 

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