NYX Professional Makeup FACE Awards 2017 – Second Challenge: Phobias

Hey everyone! As some of you probably have seen already on my social media pages, I’ve reached the Top 10 of the NYX Professional Make-Up NL Face Awards 2017! The next challenge is themed Phobias, so I’ve created this Melissophobia look, aka Fear of Bees look. I need your help to be able to reach the Top 5 by voting for my look! I will explain how it works down below.


I don’t have Melissophobia myself, but I am afraid of insects, especially spiders. This idea came up to me almost immediately because I thought it was a cool idea to make a bee nest on my skin with the story of sitting in my garden and taking a nap while that happens. It was something that I could do while also adding a cute Springtime make-up look, which is something that I’m good at and I love to do.  You can check out the full tutorial in the YouTube video above.


I’ve never really done SFX make-up outside of the NYX Face Awards, so I didn’t want to make it too difficult for myself either and stand by what I’m known for. I do love to try out new things so I tried working with Wax this time. This is usually used to create cuts and bumps with. I really disliked working with this stuff. It is sticky and is very difficult to remove. Normal make-up is a definite fail on this stuff but thankfully, I had some SFX cream make-up lying around the house.


And of course, I’ve received so much make-up from the Top 20 and Top 10 Goodiebox (which I will show you in a post soon!) that I wanted to use the stuff that I’ve received as much as possible. I actually really love how the eyes and lips turned out! I hope that I will stand out against the other contestants because I chose to do a cute make-up look in combination with something gore-y, instead of something creepy, which you would expect with the given Theme.


There is again, a panel of four judges that will vote on their favorite looks and looking at the other contestants, I will DEFINITELY need your help. I wasn’t expecting to get in the Top 10 by looking at how crazy good everyone was in the Top 20 Challenge, so you can imagine how impossible it feels to reach the Top 5! There is a fifth judge though, which are you guys!

You can vote for me by following this link: http://faceawards.nyxcosmetics.nl/nl/deelnemers


You can vote once per day until the 28th of May. Not only are you supporting me, but you can also win a goodiebox full of NYX Cosmetics products worth €250 Euro! You get a chance per vote, so you can increase your chances by voting every day!

Thank you so much for all the people who have voted for me in the previous round and for those who are planning to vote for me on this round. Like I’ve mentioned before, I think your vote is really helping because the other are just so amazingly talented that I wouldn’t be surprised if the judges wouldn’t vote for me or give me a lower score! I’m so lucky to have the sweetest followers , I will always appreciate you all! ❤


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