Save or Kill Tag

Save or Kill Tag

I was nominated by the lovely Jennifer of to do the Save or Kill Tag. This Tag basically works by answering 10 questions created by the person who has tagged you. I’m going to show you what questions Jennifer has come up with and my answers in this post.

I have no idea who started this tag but before continuing, there are some rules to the Save or Kill Tag:

  1. Thank the blogger that has nominated you.
  2. Answer all questions, you have to pick one of the two choices.
  3. Nominate a few other bloggers for this tag. Don’t forget to paste a link to their blog!
  4. Make a list of about 10 questions with two choices for the nominees.
  5. Notify the ones who are nominated.

Jennifer came up with some really cool questions, so here it goes:

Eat all food raw or fried?
I really like both, but if I would need to eat everything either raw or fried, I would probably go for Fried! Everything will probably taste better fried than raw like chicken.

Would you rather be a Queen for a day or a Child for a day?
I would choose to be Queen for a Day! I already know how it was to be a Child (and it was awesome ofcourse!), so a Queen would be something new. 🙂

Mascara or Lipstick?
Lipstick, I just would wear False Eyelashes *yaay for loopholes*.

Zara or H&M?
H&M! I like more affordable clothing. Then I can spend more on make-up. 😉

Diamonds or Pearls?
Definitely Diamonds. I’m all about sparkles.

Summer or Winter?
Summer hands down! I hate Winter, it’s always so dark and cold. I’d rather have a warm Summer day in the garden with a nice BBQ going.

A personal chef that cooks for you every day or a cleaner that cleans your house every week?
A Cleaner!! I don’t mind ordering food when needed and my boyfriend cooks, but I hate cleaning so much. Especially with two cats running in the house!

Straight or curly hair?
Straight hair because I’m too lazy and curly takes so much more time haha!

Sneakers or heels?
Sneakers! I’m all about comfort. I do like the look of heels way better so I wear heels from time to time for special occasions, but I always can’t wait to take them off as soon as possible!

Read minds or be forever young?
Forever young. Not so much because I would like to be, but I think it would be horrible to read minds. To know how people really feel and think about you can be completely different in what they actually say, I think it would hurt more than that it would be useful.

Thank you so much Jennifer for tagging me! I really liked this tag and came up with 10 new questions:

  1. Would you choose an Apple or Android device?
  2. Play Nintendo or Playstation consoles for the rest of your life?
  3. Budget or High End Make-up?
  4. Nudes or Bold Lipstick?
  5. Only eat Sweet or Savory food for your entire life?
  6. Would you rather be Blind or Deaf?
  7. Be able to Swim or Fly?
  8. Be a Millionaire but never able to use Internet or have a Below Average Income with the Best, Unlimited Internet Access anywhere in the World.
  9. Would you rather be a Cat or a Dog in another life?
  10. The Power to Understand Animals or the Power to Understand all Human Languages?

I hope that you liked reading about the Save or Kill Tag! I’m not a person who likes to tag some people, so I tag all of you!  Let me know if you decide to do this tag, I will update this post and put a link to your blog in this post. When you have posted your tag answers on your blog, I will share a link on my Facebook page!

I’m also going to bend the rules a bit because you are welcome to join if you don’t have a blog either. If you would really like to share your answers all these questions yourself, you can just post them in a comment below or on my social media pages, I’d love to know your answers! 🙂

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