Sinterklaas Shoe Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers


Sinterklaas is back in town! He came via his boat along with the Pieten from Spain to our country, bringing all kinds of sweets and goodies. I love Sinterklaas, celebrating this time I was a kid putting my shoe down in front of the door and as a grown-up making suprise gifts. It’s always nice to see happy faces everywhere and to have this beautiful tradition in our country. In this post, I want to give you some inspiration for affordable Sinterklaas Shoe Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers.



For those who don’t know what we Dutchies do at Sinterklaas, I’m going to give you a very short explanation. Usually, kids set their shoes next to the chimney (or usually the door if you don’t have one) before going to bed. The next day, their shoe is filled with a small gift brought by Sinterklaas, who sits on his horse Schimmel, standing on the roof. The Pieten go inside the chimney (or as my mom said, had a magical key that fitted in each house since we didn’t have a chimney) and put the gift inside the shoe. You can compare this a lot by sock stuffers during the Christmas holiday season, since those traditions are inspired by Sinterklaas. As a grown up, what most of the people do is pick out a name from a hat, purchase a small gift and make a “surprise” gift with arts and crafts with a small poem. The gift ideas that I’m going to show you is more for the grown ups who like beauty products. These products are all under €10 Euro.



NYX Lip products are not only affordable, they’re also of great quality. There’s so many different shades and types to choose from like the Liquid SuedeMetalsMatte Lipstick (review here)Butter Gloss and many more. These are available at, selected Douglas stores and the newly opened NYX Cosmetics Store in Amsterdam.



The Lush Showergels (100 mL) have unique fragrances that you can’t find anywhere. There are many scents to pick from and are all Cruelty Free. The Bath Bombs are also very great and fun to use! You can get these at and Lush stores.



Mini Liquid Lipstick Sets are great to try out different shades but also great to give, especially when you have multiple beauty lover friends! You can give each friend a different shade and trade among each other. This way, you can buy a more high-end brand for your friends like Kat von D and TheBalm with a more affordable price than buying a full-sized product for everyone. You can get the Kat von D Liquid Lipstick Set (review hereat and TheBalm Set (review hereat



A beauty lover always needs brushes, no matter how much they already have. That’s at least the case for a lot of them, including me. I hate washing brushes so the more I have, the longer I can postpone washing them. The Etos Brushes (review hereand Real Techniques Brushes (review hereare both very affordable and of great quality. You can buy these at the Etos Stores.



I always like to have hand sanitizers around and I think everyone should. Merci Handy offers pocket hand sanitizers (review here) with different scents, so there’s plenty to pick from! These are available at Ici Paris XL Stores and at



Lipbalms are always great to have around, especially during this time of year. Fun lipbalms to have and to give are from brands like EOS (review here), which are very popular and come in delicious scents, Burts Bees, very natural and nourishing and Lip Smacker, which are available in fun soda drink flavors like Coca Cola. You can get EOS Lipbalms at and Douglas Stores, Burts Bees at Etos Stores and Lip Smacker at, Ici Paris XL Stores and Kruidvat Stores.



I’ve tried some of the renewed Etos Nailpolishes last weekend and I’m really excited about them. The ones I’ve tried only needed one or two coats, dry quickly and are super glossy. They’re super affordable and come in many different shades. I can already tell that I love them, there will be a review and giveaway this week so keep an eye out for these! The Etos Nailpolishes are available at Etos Stores.



I actually forgot to mention the L’Occitane Hand Creams, which are one of the best hand creams I’ve tried, come in different scents and are prefect for this time of year to have around. You can get these at L’ and the L’Occitane Stores.



I hope that my Sinterklaas Shoe Gift Ideas helped you find a nice gift for your beauty loving friend, or helped you to make a list for gift suggestions!

I hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy this time of year to celebrate with family and friends.

Are you going to celebrate Sinterklaas?


*A few of these products were sent to me for promotional purposes. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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