The Grudge/Ghost Halloween Look 2016

Ghost Halloween Look

I really love this time of year because there are so many talented make-up artists creating amazing Halloween looks. There are many tutorials for a lot of awesome looks, but as someone who works five days a week and is always busy, I just don’t have the time to do something that requires a lot of work. So for this post, I’m going to show you an “easy and quick” The Grudge/Ghost Halloween Look.



Here are all the products that you will need for this look. You can buy most of the things online at grime/party webstores. For application, you will need some make-up brushes. I think my look took about 20-30 minutes in total. You can do this easily in 15 minutes if you add less details.



For my base, I first started with a primer and foundation which is lighter than my own skin, just to have some extra coverage but it’s not required. Then to cover my entire face, neck and body, I used the Mehron StarBlend Cake Makeup in White. This is stage make-up, a compact powder created to stay put under hot stage lighting and can be purchased at Grime (web)stores. This does not give full coverage but can be applied evenly and doesn’t crack. If you want to have an extra “sunken in” look, you can also use a cool toned taupe eyeshadow/contour shade to contour. You also need black eyeshadow, and preferably a black eye pencil too. What is also really recommended to give extra details to your look is to also use a dark plum/brownish red eyeshadow  to make your ghost look extra “sick”. An eyeliner can also be used for extra details.



This part is completely optional if you want to add a quick and gory wound to your look. This is a pre-fabricated latex prosthetic by Kryolan. There are many different pre-made 3-D wounds on the market, even ones that already stick but cannot be re-used. With this, you can apply a cut or any other type of wound wherever you want. It might not look as amazing as you would make it yourself, but it saves a hell lot of time. You can also purchase this in Grime/Party (web)stores. Since I’m going for The Grudge, I chose a throat-cut wound. This is a re-usable latex prosthetic so it has to be applied with Mastix Spirit Gum, which is basically glue that can be applied on skin. There is also a special remover but I just peeled the prosthetic off afterwards and showered with soap and warm water, rubbing the glue off with a loofah, which worked fine for me. The prosthetic looks a bit flat on it’s own, so you can also add a bit of fake blood and regular cooking oil to make it shiny and more gory.



The most important part in my opinion are the White Lenses. This really makes your look stand out and look really scary. It’s a great contrast to the black around your eyes so I would consider this a must if you want to look like a scary ghost. You can also choose to completely white out your eyes, including the pupils but this also reduces your vision so I prefer these ones.



This look was very easy to do. I did add some blue ombré clip-in extensions but I don’t have anything else so my version of The Grudge was a Punker before she died. 😛 I first applied the White Lenses, because I’m not used to put in lenses but you can also do this afterwards if you’re more experienced. Then, pasted the prosthetic to my neck and used a powder brush to apply the Mehron StarBlend Cake Makeup in White. I contoured using a taupe eyeshadow shade on the hollows of my cheekbones, nose and top of my forehead. I also did my eyebrows because they really look horrible if I don’t do that. These last things are of course optional.



I continued used a black eye pencil to draw around the eyes and slowly blending the shade out using a blending brush. I used a black eyeshadow to set the pencil and make it even more black. I also used the eyeshadow on the inner rim of my lips and inside my nose to make those parts also look darker.


the-grudge-ghost-halloween-look-2016-08 the-grudge-ghost-halloween-look-2016-09

I also used a dark plum eyeshadow blending further than the black eyeshadow to give the eyes more dimension and make it more red-ish and sick looking. For some extra detail, I took an eyeliner and created little veins underneath my eyes. These things are both optional but if you have a few extra minutes of time, definitely add the plum eyeshadow. You can also add some extra blood to make it more gory, the fake blood that I used is also safe around the mouth area and stick on your teeth! I’ve also added the blood to the prosthetic wound to make it more realistic, and also added oil on the red parts of the wound of some shine.



Here’s a close-up of the eyes. I didn’t even use mascara for this look. As you can see, my iris is exposed in this photo due the bright ringlight, making my pupils very small. My iris is dark brown so you don’t really see a difference in colors or not anything at all when it’s darker, but be aware that you might see your iris peeking through if you have a lighter eye color than me.


the-grudge-ghost-halloween-look-2016-011 the-grudge-ghost-halloween-look-2016-12

Since I’m trying to look as The Grudge, I picked up a long white shirt (didn’t find a cheap dress) and had to cover my legs and arms with the Mehron StarBlend Cake Makeup in White too. It looks very patchy on my legs but that’s just because I have no patience. I also think that if I had moisturized prior to application, this would look much more even. What’s easier to do is use old clothes with long sleeves that you want discard anyways. You can rip them a bit or make the clothes dirty. Then you can just wear shoes and only have to do your hands to go as a ghost version of yourself!



To summarize everything that I’ve explained:

1. Apply white lenses.
2. Add prosthetic wounds (optional).
3. Apply white cake make-up on exposed skin.
4. Contour face for sunken-in look (optional).
5. Add black eye pencil/shadow to eyes and blend.
6. Add black eyeshadow to inner rim of lips and nose. Add a plum/ reddish brown shade around the areas of the black eyeshadow around eyes and eyeliner for veins (optional).
7. Add fake blood around wound and lips.
8. Mess up your hair a bit or wear a long black wig.



I really love how this look has turned out. I don’t think I really look like The Grudge but if you google the make-up, it’s really just white with a black panda eyelook. I think this looks way more awesome and scary. I like that you can change it up by adding different wounds and you can adjust the amount of details. It still would look very scary without all the optional things.

If you’re still looking for lenses, go check out and use the code BEAUTYNERD for 10% off your entire purchase! They have a variety of different Halloween Lenses, including Sclera lenses but also offer natural lenses. This code is valid until the 13th of November 2016, so it still can be used after Halloween too!

Are you going to celebrate Halloween? What are you going to be?


*These products were sent to me for promotional purposes. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. October 24, 2016 / 8:23 am

    Woaa, echt super mooi gedaan! Moest wel even lachen toen ik jou Grudge imitatie zag, maakte me wel aan het schrikken :p Ik wou ook een Halloween look gaan doen maar ik ben helaas niet zo creatief, alleen maar een makeup liefhebber maar geen MUA!
    An Dang, TheBeauParlour recently posted…Instagram week 42My Profile

    • Lariesa
      October 24, 2016 / 8:27 am

      Ahh lieve schat ik ben ook geen MUA he! Ik werk doordeweeks op t lab en heb alles geleerd van het internet. Gewoon dingen proberen dan komt alles goed 😀

  2. October 24, 2016 / 11:28 am

    Gave look en foto’s! Wij gaan Halloween doorbrengen in Disneyland Parijs, dus ik ga mezelf niet verkleden o.i.d., maar vooral genieten van de aankleding van het park en de medewerkers!
    Jessica J. recently posted…Mijn geurendagboek #28 • 2016, week 42My Profile

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