Babor Bio-Cellulose Masks

Babor Bio-Cellulose Masks

BABOR has launched a few new products for immediate skin-enhancing results, which are the BABOR SKINOVAGE PX bio-cellulose masks. There are three different types in total, the Cellulose Face Mask Hydrating, the Cellulose Face Mask Revitalizing and the Cellulose Eye Mask Hydrating. I’m going to show and review these masks in today’s post.


All the different Babor Bio-Cellulose Masks come in a cardboard pack that contains three sheet mask sachets. Each mask type focuses on a different problem, like the Cellulose Face Mask Hydrating being for dried skin, the Cellulose Face Mask Revitalizing for tired skin and the Cellulose Eye Mask Hydrating for targeting dry skin around the eye area.


All the Babor Bio-Cellulose Masks are sealed in individual sachets. The instructions are on the back, which is the same for every type and basically says that you have to cleanse your face before applying the mask, then unfold the mask and remove the outer protective layers and leave the mask for 15 to 20 minutes without rinsing afterwards.


BABOR Skinovage PX Cellulose Face Mask Hydrating

The BABOR Skinovage PX Cellulose Face Mask Hydrating is recommended for dull and dry skin. The mask is enriched with valuable active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and coconut, which intensely hydrates and according to the brand, is supposed to leave skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Like it was already mentioned in the instructions, the masks has a protective layer to prevent the mask from sticking together inside the pack. The mask itself is quite thick and sturdy and feels like a jellyfish. The bio-cellulose material basis is fermented coconut water. it feels really flexible and adapts like a second skin to any facial shape.


The pre-made holes in the mask are not perfectly shaped to my face however, the mask is as expected, nicely flexible and sticks well on the skin without moving during the 20 minute wear time. I can definitely notice the subtle smell of coconut the entire time I was wearing the mask. I love that it smells like that since I love natural coconut scents. At the last five minutes, the mask felt slightly irritating on my cheek area, which is the most sensitive area on my face but it went away immediately after using the mask.

My skin felt super moisturized and smooth, not only after using the mask, but also the two days after! I have quite dry skin so it was so unusual for me to have so much moisture in my skin for a couple of days without using anything extra. I never even have reached the level of moisture (at least how it felt) with any other type of products, so I was very impressed with this mask! Also, there is so much moisture left inside the sachet after removing the mask, that I could use a bit of the product for a few days that was left inside the sachet (which I did after the two days of course). I would suggest to keep the sachet upright somewhere in your bathroom and apply what is left daily until it’s completely empty.


BABOR Skinovage PX Cellulose Face Mask Revitalizing

The BABOR Skinovage PX Cellulose Face Mask Revitalizing is recommended for dull and tired skin. This mask is enriched with active ingredients like hyaluronic acidlime- and
Schisandra-berry extracts which according to the brand, thoroughly moisturizes the skin, while smoothing its surface and reducing the depth of lines.


Other than the active ingredients, BABOR Skinovage PX Cellulose Face Mask Revitalizing is exactly the same as the Hydrating version. This mask has a different, subtle scent that I can’t really describe, maybe a bit fresh and fruity? My skin and especially cheek area, didn’t feel irritated at all when wearing this mask. It was very comfortable during the whole wearing period. After use, my skin feels refreshed, not super moisturized like with the other mask but just really nice, fresh and happy. I also don’t really see a difference in fine lines. For me, this mask gives an overall nice boost but it does’t last for days like I had with the hydrating mask.


BABOR Skinovage PX Cellulose Eye Mask Hydrating

The BABOR Skinovage PX Cellulose Eye Mask Hydrating is recommended for tired and dry skin around the eye area. I looked at the ingredients on the pack of this mask and from what I can see, it is exacly the same as the Face Mask Hydrating. The mask is supposed to smooth and hydrate the skin around the eye area.


The only difference between the Face Mask Hydrating and this one is that the shape of the mask is designed to be perfectly applied on the eye area. I definitely noticed that because my face didn’t fit perfectly in the holes of the face mask, the eye area was not nicely covered, which I can do with the Eye Mask Hydrating.


The BABOR Skinovage PX Cellulose Eye Mask Hydrating has the same, delicious coconut scent, which is of course expected since it has the same ingredients as the face version. After using the mask, the skin around my eye area felt moisturized, but that area doesn’t have a lot of problems with moisturization so I don’t feel a great difference like I had with the face version.


I really like the Babor Bio-Cellulose Masks. I can even say that the BABOR Skinovage PX Cellulose Face Mask Hydrating is my favorite sheet mask of all the ones that I’ve tried so far and trust me, I’ve tried A LOT from many different brands. It gave really an amazing result for my dry skin and I would highly suggest to try that one out if you have a dry skin type as well.

The Babor Bio-Cellulose Mask are available in a 3-pack for €19,90 each at Babor Salons and

Which version of the BABOR Bio-Cellulose Masks are you most interested in to try out?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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