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It is difficult to create great, healthy looking skin unless you begin with the basics. These basics are cleansing, exfoliation and moisturization. Clinique has created an easy-to-use 3-Step System, consisting of a cleanser, clarifying lotion and moisturizing lotion. According to Clinique, using this system can make a difference in your skin. I’ve put the Clinique 3-Step System to the test and will be showing you the results in this post.



Before starting with the Clinique 3-Step System, you first need to know what skin type you are. Each skin is different and has different needs. You can check what your skin type is according to Clinique by filling in the form at a Clinique booth or via > 3-Stappen (3-step) > Huiddiagnose (Skin Diagnosis). I have a “Type 2” Skintype, which is Dry Combination Skin. I’ve received an introduction kit of the 3-Step System that fits my skin type, which consists of the Liquid Facial Soap Mild, Clarifying Lotion and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +.


clinique-3-step-system-step-1-liquid-facial-soap-mild-01 clinique-3-step-system-step-1-liquid-facial-soap-mild-02

The first step in the Clinique 3-Step System is Cleansing. Cleansing the skin removes oil, dead cells and other dirt on the skin that has been accumulated over the day and night. The Liquid Facial Soap Mild is a very soapy cleanser and gives soft lather and cleans gently without drying out your skin like what soap cleanser normally would do. The cleanser in the introduction set comes in a squeezable tube and contains 50 mL of product. It’s transparent and doesn’t have any scent. The cleanser feels like a thick gel and turns into a soap full of bubbles when in contact with water. The Liquid Facial Soap Mild really cleansed my skin thorougly and leaves my skin feeling clean.


clinique-3-step-system-step-2-clarifying-lotion-01 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The second step in the Clinique 3-Step System is Exfoliation. Exfoliating the skin removes the oils and dead cells that are left on the surface of the skin that aren’t soluble in soap and water. It also releases trapped oil inside the pores of the skin. The Clarifying Lotion is what I would describe as a skin toner type of product, which removes impurities for better hydratation. It also refreshes the skin. The Clarifying Lotion in the introduction set comes in a bottle and contains 100 mL of product. It’s transparent and has a purple hue and a very subtle scent which reminds me of mouthwash. The lotion is runny like water and has to be applied by putting a small amount on a cotton pad and wiping over the skin. It has a very minty feeling and feels very refreshing and again, a bit like what mouth water feels like in your mouth (in a very subtle and gentle way). I really have the feeling that this step opens up the pores to also help with the next step, Moisturization.


clinique-3-step-system-step-3-dramatically-different-moisturizing-lotion-01 clinique-3-step-system-step-3-dramatically-different-moisturizing-lotion-02

The third and last step in the Clinique 3-Step System is Moisturization. Moisturizing restores water retaining skin’s abilities and induces a healthy pH balance. A good moisturized skin enhances the effects of other products like sunscreens and anti-aging products, which you can apply afterwards. The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + is a lightweight moisturizer will ensure all-day hydration and helps skin look younger. It helps strengthen skin’s own moisture barrier, so more moisture stays in. The moisturizing lotion in the introduction set comes in a squeezable tube and contains 30 mL of product. It’s very thin for a lotion and has a yellow hue. The scent is really awful, it smells bitter and very chemical-y. I know that Clinique doesn’t add any fragrance to its products because of allergies but I really hope that they find a way to make this smell less horrible in the future. It does feel really nice on my skin, making it feel moisturized and soft all day.



This is my skin before using the Clinique 3-Step System. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have a “Type 2” Skin, which is Dry/Combination. This means that my skin is dry, tight and uncomfortable on the cheek area but feeling normal on the T-Zone area. My skin looks very dull and has problems with flaking on dry areas. It also looks very uneven in color, having problems with redness on my cheek area because they are dry all the time. I do have a little bit of acne but not much. I have used the Clinique 3-Step System every morning and night for a month. I did not use any other skincare products other than eye cream.




This is my skin after using the Clinique 3-Step System for one month. I already did my brows in this picture but that’s the only make-up I have on (I forgot that I had to take this picture but just remembered before applying the rest of my make-up). My skin looks much more vibrant and refreshed instead of looking dull. It also looks a lot smoother, which you can see very well on the T-zone area. Unfortunately, the redness is still there but overall, my skin looks much more even in color than it was before. I also still have acne however, the acne disappears much quicker than it usually does.



Here is the before/after picture next to each other for better comparison. I really think that the Clinique 3-Step System made a difference in my skin. My skin feels more balanced and even. The cheek and T-zone area feels almost the same now after using this system. What is even more great, is that make-up also applies more even and does not cling on any flakes or dry spots, because I don’t have them anymore! Also, the big lines on my forehead seem much more reduced and blurred. I would really recommend to find out your skin type, get the introduction set and try it out for yourself.

The products are also available separately and have different packaging, which I would prefer, because I find it hard to get the correct amount of product in squeezable tubes and usually take way too much. I wouldn’t recommend buying one of the steps separately without advice from an expert, because it is very important to use all products together. Each step helps the next work better. Like for example, if you don’t use the exfoliator, the pores are still holding oils and are more closed, thus not able to absorb the moisturizer as it would when the skin is properly exfoliated.



The Clinique 3-Step System is available at and Clinique Boutiques. The introduction set is available for €34,00 Euro. All products are also available separately in bigger volumes.

Have you tried the Clinique 3-Step System yet? Did it make a difference in your skin?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. November 23, 2016 / 8:25 am

    Ik heb zelf wel een lange tijd geleden heel veel samples gekregen om uit te testen bij de Douglas. De cleanser vond ik niet zo heel fijn, het maakte mijn huid super trekkerig na het gebruiken hiervan. De toner end moisturizer zijn wel fijn, maar ik heb ze niet een lange tijd achter elkaar uitgeprobeerd om echt een verschil te merken. Ik zie bij jou inderdaad al een groot verschil op je voorhoofd! Dat is wel een hoop in zo’n korte tijd. Ook ziet je huid er meer glowy uit.
    An Dang, TheBeauParlour recently posted…Make-Up Studio: Banana Concealer and PowderMy Profile

  2. December 3, 2016 / 5:06 pm

    Ook ik ben niet weg van de cleanser. Want ook bij mij geeft het een trekkerig gevoel. En de geur vind ik zelf ook erg sterk aanwezig. Wel geloof ik dat het zijn werk doet. Maar de andere 2 producten vind ik helemaal top!
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