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Over the years, Korean beauty products has gained popularity all over the world, including The Netherlands. Unfortunately, it was hard to come by for quite some time, having to buy the product internationally. Thankfully since the beginning of this year, there is a webstore specialized in Korean beauty products based in the Netherlands, which is Ippo Cosmetics. The delightful owner, Hyesun has asked me to try out and review a few (sheet)masks from the webstore, which I’m going to show you today.


The special thing about Ippo Cosmetics is that they offer several popular Korean brands with a variety of products. For example, the webstore currently offers 20+ different sheet masks! Other products that the webstore has includes Cleansers, Moisturizers and Make-up among many other things. For now, I’m going to focus on a few (sheet) masks from several brands that Ippo Cosmetics offers. Hyesun gave me some great notes about the brands which I’m also going to write down in each section.

Just a quick note: my skin is very dry, lacking a lot of moisture, which is especially dry and sensitive on the cheek area.


The SNP Masks come in different animal faces like the Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask and the Animal Otter Aqua Mask. According to the notes, these are not only fun to use because of the fun design, but also are very soothing and hydrating.

SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask (3,50) – This Anti-Wrinkle Mask is supposed to boost dulling skin cells with elastic energy, leaving skin radiant and resilient. Filled with Coconut Water and Hyaluronic Acid to soothe and hydrate while Evening Primrose Oil and Acai Berry Extract improves elasticity of dull and mature skin.

First off, love the animal design. I think these masks like this one are great to use to have fun with friends and to share on social media. These also make a very cute gift to someone who loves (sheet) masks! The mask feels nice and sturdy and is extremely wet and drippy. I personally don’t like extremely wet masks because it tends to get all over my neck and chest area too. When applied, it doesn’t fit well on my face but it isn’t annoying. The mask feels soothing but it also gives me a numb feeling, which is especially noticeable on my lips. It also gives a very subtle tingling sensation on forehead and cheeks and also has a very subtle scent. Removing the mask leaves a tacky layer and my skin feels tightened in a good way. I really like this mask and I can definitely feel how it can improve te elasticity.

SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask (3,50) – This Aqua Moisture Mask is supposed to reinforce moisture retention of dry and water-insufficient skin with aqua energy, creating moist and silky skin. This mask is also filled with Coconut Water to soothe and hydrate dry skin. Hyaluronic Acid and Trehalose also provides extra moisture.

This mask sounds like heaven to my dry skin! Similar to the Tiger Mask, it is a sturdy mask with a fun design but also very wet, drippy and doesn’t fit well on my face. It has a very subtle clean scent and doesn’t have a noticeable sensation either other than feeling moisturizing. Skin feels tacky, soothed and moisturized, just good overall but it doesn’t feel “extra” moisturized. Personally, I would rather go for the Tiger Mask if I would have to pick one of these two because of the extra benefit of skin tightening.


The next three masks are from the brands Cremorlab, Klairs and Benton.

Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask (€5,00) – The Cremorlab masks are very soothing and rich in minerals, due to their special ingredient T.E.N. Water, the base ingredient of their product line. This brand is very popular in the states, which is probably why “FDA” is printed on the front of the packaging. The Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Calming Mask is made of 100% Organic Cotton and highly concentrated made for troubled skin. T.E.N water, Chamomile Extract and Black Tea Extract provides a long lasting moisturizing and soothing impact on the skin.

This mask is very thin and sturdy, saturated but not drippy at all. It has a subtle, herbal scent. The mask applies easily and fits on my face very well, it sticks nicely on my face without moving. It gives a subtle tingly sensation and feels very relaxing. Removing the mask leaves a tacky, non-sticky layer. My skin feels smooth, soft and moisturized. This mask is definitely a favorite. I don’t have troubled skin but I can definitely see that this mask is soothing for any type of skin.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask (€2,75) Klairs is a natural skin care brand that is getting very popular in Korea itself. The Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask is a 100% Cotton mask that contains Hyaluronic Acid , Phyto-oligo and Plant Extracts to soothe and balance the pH level of the skin. The mask is supposed to be very suitable for dry and/or sensitive skin.

This mask is sturdy and nicely saturated. It has a fresh scent, which is definitely present but not too strong. The mask sticks very well on my skin, giving a tingly feeling but slightly irritating on my cheek area. My skin feels very refreshed after using this mask, feeling moisturized, smooth, and a bit tacky however, my cheeks still feels slightly irritated, which is why I would personally not use this mask again.

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack (€2,75) –  Benton is a brand known for their no-preservation, no-fragrance formula, which makes it very suitable for sensitive skin. The Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack is made with highly concentrated ingredients. Instead using of Water as a base, the mask makes use of Snail Secretion Filtrate (Snail Mucin) in combination with Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water. Snail Mucin helps repair damaged skin, soothes and moisturizes skin. Other ingredients like Arbutin and Adenosine help to brighten skin and reduces visible wrinkles.

I felt a bit anxious trying this mask, since I never used any product that contains Snail Mucin, which sounds so weird to me. The mask is sturdy, wet but not drippy, sticks tightly on my face but doesn’t fit well. It has a very subtle fresh scent, which is almost not present. Since the brand has a no-fragrance formula, I think the scent is from the base ingredients. Wearing the mask, it feels very soothing and comfy. Afterwards, my skin definitely feels moisturized, smooth, tacky but not sticky and calmed. I’m happy that I finally tried a product that contains Snail Mucin, because this mask is great and I would definitely use it again.



The Manefit Masks are because of the less concentrated ingredients, great for daily use. They supposed to give a light, hydrating feeling without feeling too heavy on the skin.

Manefit Lavender Wrinkle + Lifting Mask (€2,50) – This mask is made of Microfibers, which contains Hyaluronic Acid and Lavender Extract, great for moisturizing and minimizing visible fine lines.

I don’t know if this is always the case, but what I first noticed is that I couldn’t open the packaging without using scissors due to sticker on back (this is also the case for the other Manefit mask). I was a bit hesitant to use this mask, since I’m not a fan of Lavender scented products. When taking out the mask, there’s an extra plastic layer between the mask, probably because it’s very thin but it is still sturdy. The mask is drippy, slimy and doesn’t fit very well on my face. The Lavender scent is present but not too overpowering, which is from someone who really dislikes Lavender. Unfortunately, my skin felt like it had a sticky layer afterwards and felt irritated. My cheeks were also very red and bumpy afterwards, so I won’t be using this mask ever again.

Manefit Mugwort Astringent + Pore Care Mask (€2,50) – This mask is also made of Microfibers, containing Hyaluronic Acid and Mugwort Extract that moisturizes skin and tightens pores. It also is supposed to reduce excess oil.

This mask had the same problems as the previous one. Couldn’t open without scissors and has extra plastic layer between mask. It’s drippy, thin but sturdy. It gives a tingly sensation and feels cooling. My skin feels very clean after using this mask, but also slightly dry. This is probably because it also removes excess oils, which I personally don’t like because of my dry skin. Therefore, I also won’t be using this mask again.


The last few masks that I’m going to show you are from the brand Mediheal. This brand is the #1 seller in sheet masks globally. They have a very broad range of masks with different functionalities, also with very some innovative methods of use. The two products above are regular sheet masks.

Mediheal E.G.T Timetox Ampoule Mask (€3,50) – This is an anti-aging sheet mask made with Cellulose Sheet, which attaches to skin better and is more comforting to sensitive skin that contains Acetyle Hexapeptide-8, effective in reducing wrinkles. The mask also contains Rose Water, Aloe Vera Extract and Hydrolyzed Collagen for moisturizing and firming skin.

It’s a very sturdy mask, thin and firm. The mask is very saturated but not drippy, a bit difficult to spread but fits perfectly on my face. It has a subtle clean scent and feels calming and soothing when used. My skin felt great, moisturized and calm after using this mask, while leaving a tacky but not sticky layer on my skin. I think this is my favorite mask of all of the ones that I’ve tried because it leaves my skin feeling like brand new.

Mediheal Dress Code Red (€4,00) – This is a nourishing mask made with Cellulose Sheet that has a Victorian Mask design. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Ginseng Extract that provides moisture and nutrition to give a hydrated and luminous result to the skin.

Like the previous mask, it’s a very sturdy, thin and firm. The mask is very saturated, drippy but it doesn’t run to my neck area. It has a subtle and very pleasurable scent. Using the mask gives a subtle tingling sensation. Afterwards, my skin felt moisturized, calm and slightly sticky. It’s not as great as the previous mask but it’s definitely good and I would happily use it again.


These three masks from Mediheal are a selection of the innovative masks that the brand offers. For now, I’m not going to review and explain what I think about these masks, because these deserve a post of their own. They are SO cool and I’m definitely becoming a fan of the brand. What I am going to do now is give you more information about the masks. If you’re curious on trying some new type of (sheet) masks that are very funny AND amazing, definitely go check out these.

Mediheal Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet (€5,00) – This is a deep cleansing sheet mask that creates bubbles to remove all the impurities from pores and dead skin cells. It contains Papaya Extract, Apple Extract and Mung Bean Extract which are effective ingredients to cleanse skin. Kaki Leaf Extract and Galactomyces Ferment Flitrate are included to minimize the appearance of pores.

Mediheal P.D.F Double Zone Effect Mask (€5,00) – This is a special sheet mask consisting of two parts. The upper part of the mask contains Centella Asiatica Extract and Chamomile Flower Extract which soothes the skin and minimize the appearance of pores. The lower part contains Collagen and has a unique design to wear around the ear to lift the skin at the neck and chin area to create V line face.

Mediheal Piggymom Soak Soak Nose Pack (€5,00) – This is the most popular type of blackhead treatment products from South Korea. The innovative 3-step mask helps combat blackheads in the most fun way, leaving skin around the nose area looking clean and smooth.


As you can see, there is a huge variety of sheet masks to pick from at Ippo Cosmetics. These masks are just a fraction of what the webstore has to offer. Each mask has their own detailed description on the page, letting you know what it does and which skin type it is suitable for so you can pick any type of mask of your preference. As you can see in my reviews, not all masks work for my skin, even when it is best suitable for my skin type so just be aware that it also is possible that it doesn’t work out for you. My personal favorite brand is definitely Mediheal and I would highly suggest to check out their masks. Other masks that I would recommend are described in their individual sections, if I would use them again, they’re definitely worth checking out.

In collaboration with Ippo Cosmetics, there will be a Giveaway with my favorite sheet masks in the near future. Definitely keep an eye out on our Social Media accounts for the giveaway and for the Mediheal special masks review.

Do you like to use Sheet Masks? Which one is your favorite?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. May 15, 2017 / 9:00 am

    Yaaay, Ippo Cosmetics is echt geweldig! Ik heb ook voor Hyesun enkele producten uitgetest. Ze is ten eerste super aardig en ten tweede geeft ze goed advies over welke producten het beste werken voor je huid. Ik zie enkele sheetmasks die ik ook heb uitgetest voor haar. Zo jammer de Manefit sheetmasks niet voor jouw werken, ik vond die namelijk heerlijk en ik had raar genoeg geen problemen met het openen van de verpakking. Mediheal vond ik ook heerlijk, ben super benieuwd wat je van de Mogongtox sheetmask vind!
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  2. May 23, 2017 / 7:09 pm

    Deze maskers zien er goed uit. De vormgeving van sheet masks ziet er altijd zo vrolijk uit!

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