Mother’s Day Tip: DIY Soap Rich Body Cream

Mother’s Day is around the corner and each year, I like to give my mother something I made personally. DIY Soap is a Dutch brand that offers natural, handmade body and skincare products, also offering a selection of Do It Yourself products! These come with all the ingredients and a manual to create your own products such as soaps, scrubs and lotions, great as a personalized gift or for someone who loves to be crafty themselves. For today, I’m going to show you one of the Do It Yourself products that the brand offers, the DIY Soap Rich Body Cream.


The DIY Soap Rich Body Cream comes in a glass preserving jar containing all the ingredients, which are all 100% natural.


Each ingredient is individually contained in environmentally friendly packaging. The ingredients are Shea Butter (wrapped in unbleached baking paper),  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (contained in a PLA bioplastic cup) and Almond Oil (contained in a glass, re-usable jar). All the ingredients are the exact amount you need to create the Body Cream so you don’t need to weigh and measure anything.


The instructions are written both in Dutch and English. As you can see, the DIY Soap Rich Body Cream is super easy to make. Basically, you just have to put every ingredient in a bowl and mix, that’s it! I was kind of bummed that it was so quick and easy to do but I love how I was able to see the raw ingredients turn into the final result.


The DIY Soap Rich Body Cream turned out great. I skipped the optional step of putting the ingredients into a microwave and it just worked fine. The Body Cream is super fluffy and creamy. A little goes a very long way! Applying the product on my skin makes it transform into an oil and feels quite thick and rich, leaving a slightly sticky layer on my skin. It has a very subtle coconut scent due to the addition of coconut oil.

If you want to customize the body cream with a scent, you can choose to add a (body safe!) fragrance oil. Be aware that this can change the consistency of the Body Cream so if you need to add a lot, you might want to reduce the amount of Almond Oil.



I like this kind of Rich Body Creams when the air is really dry during the Winter season but for the current Season, it is too much for me. My mom loves these kinds of thick and Rich Body Creams for any time of the year though!

The DIY Soap Rich Body Cream is available for €19,90 Euro at at, as well as other Do It Yourself products and natural pre-made products. You can also buy them in the DIY Soap Store at Van Woustraat 48 in Amsterdam and have the possibility follow workshops to learn how to create natural skincare and make-up as well!


Have you ever created your own body or skincare products?

*This product were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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