New Etos Ready to Use Masks

Etos Ready to Use Masks

Etos has launched nine new Face Masks, all for an affordable price of only €0,99 Euro! These are Ready to Use, each of these masks have their own properties. Six of the masks are considered as “fun masks”, where the scent is the focal point and three “intensive masks”, where the skin boosting properties stand central. I’m going to show you five of the Etos Ready to Use Masks.


The five of the Etos Ready to Use Masks that I’ve received are the Cleansing Mud Mask, the Cleansing Peel off Mask, the Smoothing Strawberry Souffle Mask, the Cleansing Chocolate Mud Mask and the Deep Cleansing Virgin Olive Oil Mask.


Etos Cleansing Mud Mask

The Etos Cleansing Mud Mask is considered as an Intensive Mask, containing minerals of The Dead Sea that intensively cleanses pores and impurities. The combination of Seaweed and Lavender are added for a soft, smooth skin.


The masks scent smells like “ocean” type of spa scent, which is very pleasing. I don’t smell any Lavender, which is positive to me since I don’t like that scent. The mask feels extremely refreshing when applied, almost feels minty when wearing and feels slightly itchy on the sensitive areas like my cheeks. After removing the mask, my skin felt very fresh and clean but a bit on the dry side, so moisturizer after using the mask was definitely needed.


Etos Cleansing Peel off Mask

The Etos Cleansing Peel off Mask is also considered as an Intensive Mask. The mask combines Manuka Honey with the soft scent of Jasmine, removing dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal for a refreshed, youthful result.


I always love Peel off masks. If you’re not familiar with them, these masks dry and create a layer which you can  peel off afterwards. The Etos Cleansing Peel off Mask has a  very pleasurable honey scent. I felt a tingling sensation on sensitive cheeks and feels refreshing during wear. Peeling off the mask is painless however, it was very difficult (and painful) to remove on my hair. I really needed a damp cloth to remove the mask on parts where it got stuck on my hair so I would definitely recommend you to avoid those parts as much as possible. After wearing, my skin felt very smooth, soft and hydrated.


Etos Smoothing Strawberry Souffle Mask

The Etos Smoothing Strawberry Souffle Mask is a Fun Mask with Strawberry and Vanilla Extract. According to Etos, the mask gives a hydrated and smooth looking skin when used.


The scent of the Etos Smoothing Strawberry Souffle Mask reminds me of Strawberry Ice Cream, which is nice but it does smell slightly “fake and chemical”.  The mask feels very soft, fluffy and creamy, which dries a bit over time. It does burn a bit on the sensitive areas of my skin but the sensation disappears over time. The mask also contains some scrub type of particles, I think during removal, it exfoliates the skin a bit. My skin felt super smooth and soft after using the mask.

Etos Cleansing Chocolate Mud Mask

The Etos Cleansing Chocolate Mud Mask is another “Fun Mask”  with Cocoa- and Shea Butter. These ingredients hydrate and deep cleanses the skin for a silky smooth result.


The Etos Cleansing Chocolate Mud Mask has a chocolate brownie type of scent and I really love it. It’s like putting chocolate all over the face. The mask feels very creamy and smooth and has no irritating feeling whatsoever. It only gives a very subtle tingling sensation on sensitive areas when it’s drying and the scent was noticeable through the whole wearing period. It was also very easy to remove, the mask just completely dissolved when in contact with water. My skin does feel very clean after use bit a slightly dry. With most mud masks, I also needed moisturizer with this one after use.


Etos Deep Cleansing Virgin Olive Oil Mask

The Etos Deep Cleansing Virgin Olive Oil Mask is also a “Fun Mask” that has Cold Pressed Olive Oil as its base ingredient which has calming and nutritional properties. Like the previous mask, this one also contains Cocoa and Shea Butter to hydrate and cleanse the skin.


The Etos Deep Cleansing Virgin Olive Oil Mask smells absolutely amazing. I even think this is my favorite scent in a face mask ever. I can’t describe it, it smells like a perfume or something. The scent is very relaxing and present trough whole wear time. The mask itself feels soothing and refreshing. The mask tickles a bit when drying at my nose because it also feels like it tightens a bit. Removing the mask was difficult due to the addition of olive oil. (Luke warm) water almost had no effect, even facial cleansers didn’t help so I needed a damp cloth and swipe away parts of the mask that were on difficult to reach areas. My skin felt cleansed, smooth, tightened and slightly dry, but not to the point where I felt I needed moisturizer.


I think the new Etos Ready to Use Masks are awesome, especially for the affordable price of only €0,99 Euro each. If you’re sensitive to (strong) scents, you’d best avoid these masks but if you are a scent lover like myself, you will probably like these as well. My absolute favorite is the Etos Deep Cleansing Virgin Olive Oil Mask, but I think all these masks are good. The mud type of masks aren’t very compatible with my skin type but even those were nice to use.

The Etos Ready to Use Masks are available at selected Etos Stores.

Which Etos mask do you find most interesting?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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    Wat handig dat je ook foto’s met de maskers op hebt gemaakt. Vind het altijd wel fijn om te weten hoe een masker er precies uit ziet. Als m’n maskers op zijn ga ik eens bij Etos kijken.
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