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BECCA and Too Faced Cosmetics available at

I have a quick update for you today! BECCA and Too Faced Cosmetics are available at Douglas.nlBECCA has launched a few weeks ago at (check products out here) and while Too Faced Cosmetics doesn’t have an official launch yet, you can find their products already via the search bar (thank you for telling me Wies!).

These brands are both from the USA, which I would normally buy at I’m happy that these now are available easily at because I love both brands, definitely expect more reviews from these brands in the future!

Are you planning to get anything from BECCA or Too Faced Cosmetics? Do you already own some products from the brands?

Best of Beauty 2016

Best of Beauty 2016

The Year 2016 has gone by in a flash and even January is already over it’s half-way point. There were so many great make-up releases in 2016 which definitely stole my heart. I want to show you my Best of Beauty 2016 list, which is mix of my favorite products that were launched in that year or launched before that I loved to use on a daily basis in that year. I probably am forgetting a ton of products but these are the ones that really stand out to me.


FOTD Valentines Day 2016

FOTD Valentines Day 2016 01

Valentines Day is just around the corner. I really like Valentines Day, even though people find it very commercial and stuff, I just love that this day is all about romance, love, happiness and ofcourse, lots of CHOCOLATE ♥. There are many Valentines Day looks floating around, and I thought, why not join in on the fun? Today I’m showing you my FOTD Valentines Day 2016 make-up look.



November Make-up Haul

November 2015 Beauty Haul

Hi All! I just came back from my vacation to Indonesia five weeks ago (and lost my sun tanned skin :'( ) and I’ve already got all kinds of exciting new make-up in the month of November and the first week of December. Aside from my new hairdo, (which I will probably let you know about all the details in the future) I’ve purchased stuff like palettes and liquid lipsticks from a lot of different places, mostly from Dutch (web)stores like Douglas, Ici Paris XL and The Makeup Spot. So for today, I would love to show you my November Make-up Haul.



BECCA Champagne Pop Available at


Hey All,

I quickly wanted to mention that the beautiful BECCA Champagne Pop Highlighter is now available at for €43 Euro, free shipping to the Netherlands! I have to remark that Champagne Pop will be delivered from half December, but you can already purchase the highlighter in advance. This is my favorite highlighter at the moment. It’s Limited Edition so be sure to get it while it lasts.


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