Desio Two Shades of Grey Color Contact Lenses

Did you know that grey eyes is one of the rarest eye colors in the world? The color is similar to blue eyes, having a low amount of pigmentation (melanin) that results in a grey appearance. Because of the rarity, grey eyes look very stunning, mysterious and are an immediate eye-catcher. This unique eyecolor is captured by the Desio Two Shades of Grey Color Contact Lenses, a collection consisting of a Lighter and Darker version. I’m going to to tell you more about these lenses and show you how they look on me in today’s post.

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Desio Attitude Collection – One-Day Color Contact Lenses

I love wearing Color Contact Lenses to change up my make-up looks, especially during the Holiday Season and on special occasions. However, if you’re someone who only likes to wear color contacts occasionally like I do, buying them tends to feel wasteful since you only get one pair and usually made to last up to three months. This year, Desio has launched the Attitude Collection, consisting of different shades of One-Day Color Contact Lenses. These lenses are perfect of occasional wearers or someone who wants to spice up and change their looks daily. I’m going to tell you all about the Desio…

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Desio Color Contact Lenses in Desert Dream

Color Contact Lenses is a fun accessory to completely change your look. Desio is an Italian brand that offers a wide variety of natural looking colored lenses. I purchased the shade Desert Dream and will be showing you all the details in this post.

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