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Etos Make it a December to Remember – Holiday 2017

Etos Make it a December to Remember

Etos has launched the Limited Edition Make it a December to Remember Collection, ranging from make-up to scented candles. The collection stands out due to the luxurious looking gold, glitter and boudoir inspired packaging. For this post, I’m going to show you three products of the Etos Make it a December to Remember Holiday 2017 Collection.



Simple Halloween Look in Collaboration with Etos

Hi all! I wanted to launch this post last Friday however, due to personal circumstances (which is explained on my social media pages), I was only able to write this today. My apologies for that, I hope that you are still able to use this for today or the coming days until Halloween next Tuesday!

I collaborated with Etos to show you a simple, Halloween Vampire Look. For this look, you basically only need things that you may already have at home like foundation, concealer, bronzer/contour powder, blush, black eyepencil, black eyeshadow, red lipstick and a clear gloss. It’s a very easy and quick solution if you don’t have experience in applying make-up.

A step-by-step explanation can be found here on the Etos website.


Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Collection

For the holiday season, Etos has launched the Limited Edition Botanical Boost collection in collaboration with the Hortus Botanicus, which is a Botanical Garden in Amsterdam. Etos has done collaborations with the Hortus Botanicus in the past, creating products with high-quality plant extracts. The scent for this years line is Rosemary & Fig, featuring several products for home and body. I’m showing you three products of the Etos Botanical Boost Rosemary & Fig Collection in this post.



Vampy Fall Lips using Affordable Etos Lip Products

Summer is over in The Netherlands, slowly transitioning into the Fall Season. I will miss the warm temperatures but it does make room for one of my favorite things when it comes to make-up; Vampy Fall Lips. Etos offers a selection of new make-up products, including a matching lippencil and lipstick combination in the shades We Rebel Together and Purple Haze to create Vampy Fall Lips. I’m going to review and show this combination in this post.


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