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Vampy Fall Lips using Affordable Etos Lip Products

Summer is over in The Netherlands, slowly transitioning into the Fall Season. I will miss the warm temperatures but it does make room for one of my favorite things when it comes to make-up; Vampy Fall Lips. Etos offers a selection of new make-up products, including a matching lippencil and lipstick combination in the shades We Rebel Together and Purple Haze to create Vampy Fall Lips. I’m going to review and show this combination in this post.


Surprisingly Low Priced Products by Etos

Etos has a big collection of their own brands beauty products like bodylotions, cleansing products, hair styling products and many other beauty related things. Not only does these Etos products have a sleek new design and enhanced quality, they’re also really affordable! In this post, I’m showing you a few examples of these surprisingly low priced products by Etos.


New Etos Ready to Use Masks

Etos Ready to Use Masks

Etos has launched nine new Face Masks, all for an affordable price of only €0,99 Euro! These are Ready to Use, each of these masks have their own properties. Six of the masks are considered as “fun masks”, where the scent is the focal point and three “intensive masks”, where the skin boosting properties stand central. I’m going to show you five of the Etos Ready to Use Masks.


Kingsday with Etos products

Kingsday is almost coming up, which means that it’s time again to take out anything orange out of the closets. Etos has a few products in their own brand collection that are perfect use for creating a Kingsday Look, including a Limited Edition Holographic Lipgloss which I’m going to show you today.


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