November Make-up Haul

Hi All! I just came back from my vacation to Indonesia five weeks ago (and lost my sun tanned skin :'( ) and I’ve already got all kinds of exciting new make-up in the month of November and the first week of December. Aside from my new hairdo, (which I will probably let you know about all the details in the future) I’ve purchased stuff like palettes and liquid lipsticks from a lot of different places, mostly from Dutch (web)stores like Douglas, Ici Paris XL and The Makeup Spot. So for today, I would love to show you my November Make-up Haul.  

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Make-up Haul July/August 2015

Taking a short break from all the Lipstick reviews I’ve done lately, I want to share my Make-up Haul and show you the awesome stuff that I’ve purchased in the last couple of weeks. These include items from Kat von D, Becca, Colourpop, Mac Cosmetics, Koko Lashes and more. Some of the things I’ve already reviewed and some you will see in future reviews.

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Urban Decay Haul + Make-up Look

The return of Urban Decay to the Netherlands has been a huge hit. On the day of return, the Ici Paris XL website was flooded with people who wanted to get their hands on all the latest Urban Decay products. I was one of those people who ordered like a crazed maniac and today, I would like to share what I’ve purchased and also created a look using these products.

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