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Favorite Beauty Products of 2017


Today’s the last day of 2017. The year has flown by with many ups and downs. I lost the most precious thing in the world to me, but I also had the amazing opportunity to join the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards in The Netherlands and tried a lot of amazing new products from many different brands. For today, I want to show you my Favorite Makeup Products of 2017 list. These are products that I loved to use this year so not everything in the list is released in the same year.


Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper Review

The Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper is a new, Limited Edition lipgloss shade that was launched in celebration of the brands founder, Christina Zilber‘s birthday. Not only is this a fun and festive lipgloss, 20% of the net. proceeds is donated to UNICEF if this shade is purchased! I’m going review the Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper and show all the details in this post.


Jouer x Jeffree Star Sweet Tooth Lip Topper

Jouer has collaborated with the Youtuber and brand owner Jeffree Star to create the Sweet Tooth Lip Topper. This is the first time that Jeffree Star has linked his name with another make-up brand. If you’re curious about the Limited Edition Jouer x Jeffree Star Sweet Tooth Lip Topper, read my review down below.


Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Collection

Dose of Colors has collaborated with the gorgeous YouTuber besties Desi Perkins and Katy DeGroot (aka Lustrelux) to create the Limited Edition Desi x Katy Collection, featuring a range of different type of products that they’ve created from the colors, to the names and packaging. I didn’t purchase all the products in the Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Collection but I did got a few of them, which I’m going to show you down below.


Rodial Dragon’s Blood Skincare Line

Rodial has a range of skincare lines with each having their own specialty. One of these lines is called Dragon’s Blood. The products of this skincare line contain the ingredient Dragon’s Blood,  a sap from the Croton Lechleri Tree, commonly known as Sangre de Grado. With such an epic name, it has to have awesome products in there too right? I previously reviewed the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel and came out to be my favorite product from the different lines that I’ve tried so far. I was happy to hear that the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Skincare Line was expanded with new products, which I’m going to show you in today’s post.


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