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Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Spring 2018 Collection Review

Urban Decay has collaborated with the cruelty-free beauty influencer Kristen Leanne, known for her use of bright colors, glitters, tattoo’s and her bubbly personality. She is a fighter for self-expression and her down-to-earth character makes her and Urban Decay a perfect combination, creating a unique and colorful collection for Spring 2018, consisting of two Eyeshadow Palettes, a Highlighter Palette and three Vice Lipsticks. From the collection, I’ve received the Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Beauty Beam Highlight Palette and two of the Vice Lipsticks in Bun Bun and Spellbound, which I’m going to review for you today.



NYX Professional Makeup Love You So Mochi Collection Review

NYX Professional Makeup Love You So Mochi

NYX Professional Makeup introduces the Love You So Mochi Collection, inspired by the bouncy, soft and pillowy texture of the Japanese Mochi treat. The products that I’m going to show and review today are the NYX Professional Makeup Love You So Mochi Shadow Palette in Sleek and Chic and the Love You So Mochi Highlighting Palette in Arcade Glam and Lit Life.


NARS WANTED Eyeshadow Palette Review

NARS WANTED Eyeshadow Palette

NARS is coming with a bunch of very interesting new product launches for Spring 2018, one of them being the Limited Edition NARS WANTED Eyeshadow Palette. With this palette, NARS introduces an all-new pure pigment formula that gives an intensely rich and smooth color payoff. The description of the palette made me very curious. I own one eyeshadow shade from the brand and I really like the formula, so I’m curious to see how these will perform. I’m going to review the NARS WANTED Eyeshadow Palette in today’s post.


NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Fire Collection Review

NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Fire

NYX Professional Makeup has launched a Limited Edition collection named In Your Element, featuring Lipsticks and Eye Shadow & Pigment Palettes with colors inspired by the elements like Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, (Heart, Go Planet!). Heart isn’t a part of the collection but just Google ‘Captain Planet’ if you don’t get it. 😉 For this post, I’m going to review the NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Fire Collection.


Favorite Beauty Products of 2017


Today’s the last day of 2017. The year has flown by with many ups and downs. I lost the most precious thing in the world to me, but I also had the amazing opportunity to join the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards in The Netherlands and tried a lot of amazing new products from many different brands. For today, I want to show you my Favorite Makeup Products of 2017 list. These are products that I loved to use this year so not everything in the list is released in the same year.


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