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Father’s Day Tip: Ted Baker Tonics Fragrance Collection

The British designer label Ted Baker has recently launched the Ted Baker Tonics Fragrance Collection, which consists of tonics for men that combines a fascination of the alchemy of aroma with the world’s most sought after elements; Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag) and Gold (Au). For this post, I’m going to review the Ted Baker Tonics Fragrances in Copper (Cu) and Silver (Ag).


Valentines gifts for him and her at L’Erbolario + Discount Code

L’Erbolario is an Italian brand founded in 1978 by Franco Bergamaschi together with his wife Daniela Villa, a biologist and cosmetologist who have created their first products in their Herbalist shop in the town Lodi. Nowadays, L’Erbolario is a successful and popular brand in Italy, distinguished by the high quality of natural ingredients in their products, scented without any artificial agents and offered in a bright and colorful illustrative packaging. The brand also values environmental sustainability and has always been cruelty-free.

L’Erbolario offers many beautiful and high quality products for both men and women (even babies and pets!), and since the brand isn’t known here in comparison to Italy, gifting a product from the brand would be a unique and fun option to try out and introduce the brand to yourself or to someone else, especially for special occasions like Valentines Day. For this post, I’m going to show you a small selection of products and lines that the brand offers, including my favorites and some DISCOUNT CODES created for my Followers, which is shown at the end of this post.


Fortune Cookie Soap Box Summer 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2016 Box Just Keep Swimming 01

I have another unboxing of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box. This is a seasonal subscription box from the brand Fortune Cookie Soap, a store based in the US which sells hand-made bath & products. You can compare their products to Lush. I have made a few unboxing posts of this box, which you can find here. The limited edition FCS collections always have the cutest themes inspired by things such as Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, A Nightmare Before Christmas and and so on. The theme of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box Summer 2016 is named “Just Keep Swimming”, inspired by the Disney movie Finding Nemo.


Fortune Cookie Soap Box Winter 2015

02 Fortune Cookie Soap Winter Box 2015

Yaaaaay it’s Christmas, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas with lots of love, presents and happiness!  I have an unboxing of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box Winter 2015 for you today. Fortune Cookie Soap is a store based in the US which sells hand-made bath & products. You can kind of compare their products to Lush. The scents of their products are very unique and always amazing. Fortune Cookie Soap also has a seasonal subscription box with a featured theme. Examples of previous Soap Box themes include A Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. The theme of the Winter Soap Box 2015 is inspired by the movie Elf and is named “Welcome, Santa!.



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