The Body Shop Holiday 2018 Gift Guide

This Holiday Season, The Body Shop is giving back to nature, making a donation with every purchase until the end of this year. Each purchase helps protect and re-wild over 10 million square meters of forest in England and Armenia as part of the World Bio-Bridges Mission. To fit the nature theme, The Body Shop has launched a festive holiday collection with magical scents and textures inspired by a winter forest scenery. I’m going to show you a selection of those products in today’s post.

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Bioré Acne Clearing Products Review

Bioré has launched a few new Acne Clearing Products that have Charcoal as their featured ingredient, combined with Salicylic Acid to deeply cleanse pores and absorb oils to help stop breakouts for clearer skin in just a few days. The brand also introduces the Deep Cleansing Pore Strips for removing dirt and blackheads from the nose area, also available in a Limited Edition print. I’m going to review and show you all these Bioré Acne Clearing Products in today’s post.

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Treets Traditions Pure Serenity Line

Treets Traditions is a Dutch brand that searches for knowledge about traditions in body care around the world. The brand wants everyone to rediscover these traditions from different cultures so that they will not be forgotten. The ingredients of the products are based on what they’ve used in those traditions from the past, adapted to modern body care. The new Treets Traditions Pure Serenity line is inspired by the ancient tradition of Japanese Bathhouse Rituals, enriched with natural ingredients from Japan like Rice, Bamboo, Cherry Blossom and Yuzu, each having their own beneficial properties for the skin. I’ve received three products from…

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