Save or Kill Tag

I was nominated by the lovely Jennifer of to do the Save or Kill Tag. This Tag basically works by answering 10 questions created by the person who has tagged you. I’m going to show you what questions Jennifer has come up with and my answers in this post.

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Best of Beauty 2016

The Year 2016 has gone by in a flash and even January is already over it’s half-way point. There were so many great make-up releases in 2016 which definitely stole my heart. I want to show you my Best of Beauty 2016 list, which is mix of my favorite products that were launched in that year or launched before that I loved to use on a daily basis in that year. I probably am forgetting a ton of products but these are the ones that really stand out to me.

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How much is my face worth tag – Go-to look

Hey everyone! I was tagged by my beautiful friend Wies to do the How much is my face worth tag. With this tag, you calculate how much all the make-up products used on your face is worth in total. I’ve never thought about how much my make-up products I use for one look would cost if you had to purchase all the products at once, so I thought it was very interesting to do this tag. Wies her total amount was quite high, and since we have the same taste in make-up, I was very curious (and scared) to see how my results will turn out. Be sure…

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