Affordable Luxury with the Etos Spicy Mandarin line

For the Holidays, Etos has launched the affordable and luxurious wellness-line Spicy Mandarin, an assortment of bodycare products enriched with the warm scent of Mandarin, Vanilla and Cinnamon. For this post, I’m going to show you three products of the Etos Spicy Mandarin line.


The products of the Etos Spicy Mandarin line that I’ve received are the Shimmering Body CreamSparkling Decollete Fluid and the Enriching Shower Foam. I’m not sure how many products are available in the Spicy Mandarin line but this is a part of the Make it a December to Remember Collection, consisting of 40 different Etos products. I have a review of a few other products of the collection, which you can find here.


The Etos Spicy Mandarin Shimmering Body Cream (€5,99 Euro/200 mL) is a luxurious bodycream with a rich and creamy texture that contains shimmers. The Bodycream is supposed to nourish the skin and leaves a beautiful shine.


To me, the consistency of the Etos Spicy Mandarin Shimmering Body Cream is a mix between a lotion and a cream, it’s thin but also really thick and rich at the same time. It leaves a thin, shiny layer on the skin and also a ton of shimmers. The shimmers are definitely noticeable in indoor lighting because trust me, it is a lot but and I personally really like the effect. My skin also looks more nourished and feels nice and soft after using this product. I would definitely love to use this more often on an evening out or during the holidays.


The Etos Spicy Mandarin Sparkling Decollete Fluid (€5,99 Euro/50 mL) is an innovative lotion for a beautiful shine used on the decolleté, neck, shoulders and face that is supposed to give you a glow from within.


The shimmers in the Etos Spicy Mandarin Sparkling Decollete Fluid are much different than the Body Cream. They’re much smaller and when applied, I can’t see the effect anymore. The fluid is a lot thinner, which makes it suitable to be used on the face. The instructions also show that you can use make-up over this product. I have to say that the name of the product is a bit misleading, because I expected more of a sparkle rather than a shine. I would prefer to use the Body Cream on my decolleté and neck because I like the shimmer effect more and just skip this product entirely, especially since they’re both the same price (but the Body Cream has four times the volume).


The Etos Spicy Mandarin Enriching Shower Foam (€4,99 Euro/200 mL) is a rich foam with a creamy texture that gives a luxurious feeling in combination with a beautiful warm scent when showering.


I always love to use shower foams. The Etos Spicy Mandarin Enriching Shower Foam feels deliciously creamy and since the foam is pressurized in the can and expands when used, a little goes a long way. Just a side note, this product does not contain any glitters/shimmers. The shimmers on my hand that you see in the picture are leftovers from the previous products. I absolutely love the texture of the foam and scent so I’m definitely going to check if I can stock up on this product.



I think that the products of the Etos Spicy Mandarin are great and the scent is absolutely beautiful. I’m normally not a fruit/citrus scent type of person, but this scent is just so deliciously warm and sweet. Mandarin, Vanilla and Cinnamon makes just a perfect combination in this product. I keep smelling my arm like a weird person every five minutes when wearing the Bodycream I can’t seriously get enough of it. It is a strong scent and stays present for quite some time but doesn’t smell chemically at all. I would both recommend the Shimmering Body Cream and the Enriching Shower Foam.

The Limited Edition Etos Spicy Mandarin line is available at Etos stores.


Have you seen/tried the new Etos holiday products?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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