My final thoughts using the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements

A few months ago, I started using the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements to see if these supplements could help me lose weight faster and easier. The products that I’ve tried out are the Oenobiol Silhouette BoostCapteur 3-in-1 and Silhouette Support Energy and have written a detailed post about how they work here and the results after a month using these products here. We’re now a few months further so I can give you my final thoughts on the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements in this post.



I’ve already covered this in the previous posts but I want to quickly mention again that the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements are not miracle workers and will not work efficiently when you’re doing nothing to burn the extra calories. Exercise in combination with using these supplements is very important.

With that said, I have to disappoint you and say that I stopped using these products regularly after the initial results shown in this post. Something happened in my personal life which resulted in me having a burn out. My body just completely shut down, I stopped going to the gym, didn’t eat on a regular schedule and just completely forgot to take things like my medicine and also the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements.

I really wish I could’ve shown you great results because I do believe that the products work. The Oenobiol Beauty Supplements are scientifically tested and the ingredients are proven in several studies that they help with things such as burning calories so I do stand behind the products. It is however a waste of money if you don’t use these correctly and forget to take them like I did. You have to make an effort yourself to make these work.


Oenobiol Beauty Supplements

I do have some tips for you if you are interested in trying out these products:

  • If you’re unsure if you’re able to use these supplements without forgetting, bring something like tic tacs with you for a month and eat them exactly as how you would need to use the supplement that you’re interested in (30 minutes before a meal, during a meal etc.). If you’re able to do so for a month straight, you probably will not forget to use the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements.
  • Set an alarm on your mobile phone as a reminder when you need to use the supplements. If you have a constantly changing schedule, you probably have to set it at different times daily.
  • Have the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements at multiple places where you usually eat so you don’t forget. Also, always bring a bunch in your purse so if you’re traveling, you always have some with you.
  • Don’t weigh yourself too often. These supplements require you to also exercise to help you lose weight quicker, but muscles weigh more than fat so even though it might seem that you’re not losing weight, it might be that it’s because you’re gaining more muscles.

I hope that if you are interested in trying out the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements or if you are currently using these, these tips will work for you. I hope that I can pick up my life again soon and see if I then again can try to lose some weight with help of these supplements but for now, I’m not a type of person who can use these supplements on a regular schedule.


Oenobiol Beauty Supplements

The Oenobiol Beauty Supplements are available at a selection of drugstores like for example; Etos, Kruidvat, and For more information and an overview of all the products, visit



Have you tried any of the Oenobiol Beauty Supplements? What are your experience?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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