Loot crate lvl up socks may 2016 power june dystopia

Hey everyone. It’s time again for a review of the Lootcrate LVL Up+ Loot Socks. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous review, I will be showing you the socks I’ve received over the last two months, which are May and June. The themes of these months are Power and Dystopia.


Lootcrate Lvl Up Socks Pack

Loot Socks is a subscription service where you receive two pairs of socks each month. The socks are a part of the LVL Up+ apparel, which is owned by Loot CrateLoot Crate offers several subscription boxes like GamingAnime and Geek/Gamer Apparel.


Loot crate lvl up socks Power May 2016 01 Loot crate lvl up socks Dystopia june 2016 01

The socks are exclusively made for Loot Crate so you cannot find these anywhere else. Every month there will be a new theme announced and the game/geek subject will be spoiled in advance if you want to know beforehand. The theme for May was “Power” and for June, the theme was “Dystopia“.


Loot crate lvl up socks Power May 2016 02 Loot crate lvl up socks Power May 2016 03

The Loot Socks for the month of May themed “Power” are the Super Mario Bros. Super Star Socks and the He-Man Crew Socks.

The Super Mario Bros. Super Star Socks are blue and has the Super Star power-up image in front of the sock. I think they’re cute, bright and fun.

He-Man Crew Socks are grey with black and blue details and has an image of He-Man in front of the socks. Can’t tell you much about this one, since I don’t know anything about He-Man. I think I’ve heard of him in an animated series but I’m not too sure.


Loot crate lvl up socks Dystopia june 2016 02 Loot crate lvl up socks Dystopia june 2016 03

The Loot Socks for the month of June themed “Dystopia” are the Fallout 4 Gas Mask Socks and the Star Trek Enterprise Socks.

The Fallout 4 Gas Mask Socks are grey/black and has a Gas Mask image in front of the sock. I don’t know much about Fallout but my hubby loves the game like many other people do.

Star Trek Enterprise Socks are black with blue, grey, red and yellow starships all over the socks. I’ve never seen the Star Trek Series but I have seen the latest movies, which I find very entertaining but it didn’t turn me into a Trekkie. 😉 I like socks like this one, because you don’t have to pull up the sock up high to clearly see the image.


Loot crate lvl up socks may 2016 power june dystopia

Overall, I didn’t find the Loot Socks of these months very interesting. They are however very distinguishable and feel comfortable to wear. These months socks are not available any longer. You can subscribe from the month of August, which is themed “Anti-Hero”. There will be socks from The Punisher and Suicide Squad.

The Loot Socks subscription is payed by creditcard and costs $12.99 USD (check Xe.com for the current price in Euro) per month including shipping and handling to the Netherlands. You can subscribe via Lootcrate.com. If you’re really planning on subscribing, you can use this link as a referral for myself, this saves me $5 USD for the next subscription but this is of course not necessary if you don’t want to get subscribed through me.

Which socks were your favorite of this bunch?



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