Win a €150 Euro hair treatment at Kinki Kappers Delft

Kinki Kappers Delft

Recently, I went to my hairdresser Giny at Kinki Kappers Delft to get an amazing hair makeover. Have you ever wished to get your perfect hairdo and color done professionally? Now is your chance! Giny is giving away a Hair Treatment (cut, dye etc.) worth €150 Euro at Kinki Kappers Delft. I’m going to show you my step-by-step experience on getting this hair and explain how to win this treatment!


Kinki Kappers Delft

Kinki Kappers Delft is very easy to locate by public traffic. It’s in the city center so it’s only an 8 minute walk from the Train Station Delft. I’m not sure how to get there by car but since it’s in the city center, I’m sure that there are a lot of parking lots nearby. The opening days are from Tuesday to Saturday.


Kinki Kappers Delft Kinki Kappers Delft

Kinki Kappers is known for their more edgy style and bright coloring for hair. The inside always looks very colorful and fun. They also sell a selection of hair products, including hair styling products of their own brand. Don’t let the bright and edgy style scare you if you’re not into that though, the hair dressers are great at any sort of style, from natural to crazy colors!


Kinki Kappers Delft also gives you the option to get your hair bleached in combination with Olaplex, a product that protects your hair during the bleaching process. They also offer a lot of aftercare options to maintain your hair to use at home.


Giny has done my hair many times before. Last time, I had a Balayage with a semi-permanent blue hair dye. A few months ago, I had to cut my hair because it was too long and for a while, my has been my natural black hair color. I don’t like to have my natural hair color on its own because I exclusively wear black clothing, so there isn’t really a “break” in between my hair and clothes, everything just looks black and I want my hair to stand out. I was really excited when Giny offered to do my hair again.


Giny first started the bleaching process in combination with Olaplex on my natural hair. My hair has a really warm base but after only one time bleaching, it actually looks pretty light already! Thanks to Olaplex, my hair still feels soft and I didn’t notice any fallout or shearing/breaking.


Now, the fun part starts! We discussed what kind of hair color I would like to have. I really love light/grey shades but unfortunately, my hair isn’t light enough. However, Giny does think that another bleaching round will do, but it is not recommended to bleach twice in a row and would be better if there are a few weeks in between the bleaching rounds.

Therefore, we went for three fun colors, pink, purple and blue. She used the La Riche Directions semi-permanent hair colour dyes in the shades Midnight Blue, Plum and Rose Red.


I really love how my hair turned out! The colors are perfect together. I’ve had a traumatic experience with another hair dresser before coming to her and I was never disappointed with how Giny did my hair. She is seriously THE BEST when it comes to Bayalages. She is such a sweet girl so I love to spend my time talking to her while she’s doing my hair. She really makes you feel comfortable and makes sure that her team is well trained.


You can win a Hair Treatment by Giny worth €150 Euro at Kinki Kappers Delft. You can choose to do whatever you want, cutting and dyeing your hair in any color you want, if it’s possible of course but Giny can always give you advice what works best!

All you have to do is follow @ginydoeshair and @kinkikappersdelft015 on Instagram, copy the image above and share it on your Insta Stories. Don’t forget to tag both pages so they will be alerted that you’re entering the giveaway. The winner will be announced on the 25th of December. Good luck if you’re joining!


Kinki Kappers Delft

I would definitely recommend to visit Kinki Kappers Delft if you’re looking for the best hair dressers coloring and cutting your hair. They take their work seriously and won’t let you go out the door without being happy with te results. Thank you again Giny for giving me this amazing hair cut and color!!


Have you colored your hair before? What would your perfect hair color and style be?

*I’ve received the shown hair treatment for free. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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