Etos Make it a December to Remember – Holiday 2017

Etos Make it a December to Remember

Etos has launched the Limited Edition Make it a December to Remember Collection, ranging from make-up to scented candles. The collection stands out due to the luxurious looking gold, glitter and boudoir inspired packaging. For this post, I’m going to show you three products of the Etos Make it a December to Remember Holiday 2017 Collection.



The products of the Etos Make it a December to Remember Collection that I’ve received are the Primer Golden Flaskes, Glitter Hair & Body Spray and the Eyeshadow Palette. The total collection consists of 40 different products, all with affordable prices so there’s plenty to choose from!


The Etos Primer Golden Flaskes (€6,99 Euro/30 mL) is a Silicone base primer that is supposed to be used as a base for concealers, foundations and powder by equalizing the texture of the skin and by blurring fine lines and pores. The primer also contains Vitamin E and 24 Karat Gold. The gold flakes are supposed to optimize elasticity, texture and firming the skin while giving a radiant effect.


The Etos Primer Golden Flaskes feels very slippery and Silicone-y. Primers like these definitely creates a blurring effect and I don’t mind the feeling of Silicone but these usually do not have my preference, since my skin usually needs a hydrating primer. I’m also a bit skeptical about the gold. Research is still very polarized about using gold as an ingredient in make-up and skincare because it isn’t proven to actually do the things that are stated. I did check the ingredients list of the primer, and there is actually real gold in there, which was the second to last mentioned ingredient so there isn’t much in there, but it’s there.


The Etos Glitter Hair Body Spray (€4,99 Euro/12 gr) is a glitterspray that contains shimmers for body and hair. It has a classic boudoir style vaporizer to evenly distribute the product.


For this swatch, I actually opened the bottle and used my finger to make it more visible in picture. Using the vaporizer, the gold colored shimmers are distributed in a nice and even, are definitely present without being overly dense and look beautiful when moving. The only problem that I have with this product is that the shimmers do not stick on my hair and body, so I would suggest to use a body butter and a tacky hairspray prior to use.


The last product that I’ve received is the Etos Eyeshadow Palette (€5,99 Euro/15 gr), containing nine shades like taupe, gold, purple and pink with different finishes. These can be combined or worn on their own. The compact is made of plastic, has a crocodile skin texture with gold details and a mirror.


I swatched the shades of the Etos Eyeshadow Palette starting from the top left to right, then going to the middle and ending on the bottom. The shades feel super soft and velvety, but the pigmentation isn’t very strong. I also think that a lot of shades look very similar Etos does say that you can apply the eyeshadows wet to increase the intensity, but I’ve noticed that it only works for the shimmer shades. It does help a lot with the intensity though so if you have the palette and are struggling with the shades, I would suggest to try this tip.


For this look, I used the Top Left Shade as an overall base and browbone highlight, the Top Middle Shade as a transition shade, the Middle Shade on the inner two 3rds of my lid, the Middle Right Shade on the outer 3rd of my lid and the Bottom Left Shade as an inner corner highlight.


I think that these products of the Etos Make it a December to Remember Collection are nice for the affordable price point. The quality is definitely not comparable to the real luxury high-end make-up but like I mentioned, they are quite good for the affordable drugstore price, especially looking at how cute the packaging is. My favorite product of these three is the Etos Glitter Hair & Body Spray. I’m definitely going to use that product during Christmas and New Years Eve!


The Limited Edition Etos Make it a December to Remember Holiday 2017 Collection is available at Etos stores.

Have you already spotted the new Etos Holiday Collection in stores?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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