Etos Summer 2017 Make-up – Coconut Make-up Fixing Spray and Rainbow Highlighter

Etos has launched two brand new Limited Edition products for the Summer Festival Season, which are the Etos Coconut Scented Make-up Fixing Spray and the Rainbow Highlighter. I’m going to show you these two products in combination with a fun, festival look in today’s post.


I just wanted to mention quickly how I love that Etos has such a modern and trendy team behind their make-up brand, looking at current trends on social media and acting on them quickly. It makes trends like the Rainbow Highlighter much easier in availability and more affordable as well.


Etos Coconut Scented Make-up Fixing Spray

Etos Coconut Scented Make-up Fixing Spray is exactly as it is described, that gives a natural, dewy finish to your make-up look while also creating a long-lasting effect. What is best, is that it has a delicious Coconut Scent. I love anything Coconut scented so I was extremely excited to try out this product.


The spray has a fin design, with a white background combined with gold and green leaves and black details on top. The bottle is made of plastic, is not pressurized and contains 75 mL of product total, so you can travel with it by airplane.


The spray is actually a bit harder to push in compared to other sprays but it isn’t any problem for me. The mist that comes out is very fine and nicely dispersed. The Coconut Scent is definitely like a fake chemical coconut scent, it’s not subtle but also not extremely strong either. The scent reminds me of suntan lotion, it’s not my favorite type of coconut scent but I still like it. Overall, the spray sets my make-up well and I do think it also helps the make-up last longer.


Etos Rainbow Highlighter

Etos Rainbow Highlighter

The Etos Rainbow Highlighter is a powder highlighter with a few colors of the rainbow. I say a few because usually, a rainbow contains six to seven shades while this one, only contains five. This is definitely a dupe for another highlighter that has the same shades and comes in a heart-shaped container, which I don’t own so unfortunately, I can’t compare them.


The compact has a transparent lid with a black base and has the size of an average powder compact, containing 18 grams of product in total. This means that if you want to have all shades in one swatch, you have to get a really big brush to cover the whole area. Just grab another random compact and see how big that area is. It’s way too big for the high points of the cheek area. I would rather have less product in a smaller container than a product that is unpractical to use.


Here are swatches of all the individual colors of the Etos Rainbow Highlighter, starting from violet, blue, green, yellow and pink. The right shade is mixing the shades together, which creates an icy silver shade. The finish of this highlight is frosty, so it is shimmery and has a strong, metallic reflect. I would say that the product can be build up from sheer to a more stronger color, especially when combining it using a finishing spray like the Etos Coconut Scented Make-up Fixing Spray.


For this look, I used a dense brush and the Etos Coconut Scented Make-up Fixing Spray to apply each individual shade of the Etos Rainbow Highlighter to make it stand out better in picture. You can also use your fingers for a denser application. I also tweaked with the pictures brightness to make the colors stand out, since a higher brightness will wash out the colors. I started with the pink shade on top, because you want the lighter shades like yellow on the higher points, while having the darker shades below that.


You definitely need less product in real life to make the shades pop, although it is still very vague to make out the colors. Since the finish is so frosty, the blue shade is what stands out most and the frosty-ness makes everything just look very ashy on my medium skintone. It might look better on a lighter skintone but I would definitely not recommend this for a deeper skintone. Mixing the colors is also not working out for me, since it has a very cool-toned silver finish, it again looks very ashy on me. For using this to something like a festival, I would recommend to use a fan brush for a sheer effect, only making the colors really visible when it hits the light.


Overall, I really think these products were a great idea, but the execution was unfortunately, not so great. It’s a good thing to look at the current trends but in my opinion, you also have to execute them properly in order for them to work instead of quickly producing something that is mediocre. Now seems like it’s more important to monetize on the idea than making something easily available and affordable.

Even though Etos is an affordable drugstore brand and they have to consider budget, I think they could’ve done better, because I’ve seen them do much better with other products. I have to say that I do like the Etos Coconut Scented Make-up Fixing Spray but I’m not completely blown away by it, which is unfortunate because if it was amazing, I was ready to stock up on them as much as I could get. The Etos Rainbow Highlighter would definitely been better if it was smaller and if they tweaked with the formula just a bit to make it more practical.


The Limited Edition Etos Coconut Scented Make-up Fixing Spray and Rainbow Highlighter are available for €4,99 Euro each at selected Etos Stores.


Are you going to any Festivals this Summer?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. July 18, 2017 / 10:37 am

    Ik vind die highlighters er altijd wel leuk uit zien maar in de praktijk gebruik ik ze eigenlijk nooit 😮
    femketje recently posted…Nails – Studs & Holo.My Profile

  2. July 18, 2017 / 11:10 am

    Zo heftig aangebracht is inderdaad niet erg complimenterend voor je huidskleur. Mijn lichte huidje zou hem wss wel kunnen hebben, maar heb sinds kort zo’n unicorn kleur met blauw erin enzo. Vind het toch wat gek staan ook. Terwijl ik koele kleuren normaal wel goed kan hebben. Voor een festival look zoals deze is het wel erg leuk! Voor dagelijks niet zo mn ding.
    Laura recently posted…Action Glow & Highlights Palette (ABH Glowkit Sweets & Moonlight Dupes)My Profile

  3. Britt
    July 18, 2017 / 2:32 pm

    Meh, ik had het zo leuk gevonden als de gehele uitwerking top was geweest, maar ik ben niet heel erg overtuigd eigenlijk!

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