FOTD using Sans Soucis Natural Colors Makeup

FOTD using Sans Soucis Makeup 01

Sans Soucis is a brand from Baden-Baden, Germany that offers natural beautyproducts like Skincare and Makeup. The special thing about this brand is that all their products are infused with spring water from Baden-Baden, which has highly concentrated with minerals and exclusively available for this brand. According to Sans Soucis, this makes their products suitable for all skin types, also sensitive skin. I received several products of Sans Soucis and created a make-up look using all the products.  I’m also going to give a mini review of all the products in today’s post.


Sans Soucis Makeup Packaging

All the Sans Soucis products come n a simple, black outer box  with white details. There’s a part that shows the brands logo and the description of the item. I received the Sans Soucis Natural Colors Face PrimerIlluminator in ApricotContouring Kit, Magic Volume All Day Long Mascara in Deep Black and the Perfect Lips Every Day Lip Balm in Cherry Toffee.


FOTD using Sans Soucis Makeup 02

All the Sans Soucis products have black packaging and looks very simple and classic. I really can appreciate the simplicity. Even though that I’m a cute packaging hoarder, I can see how some brands really keep their packaging simple to really focus on the products themselves. It makes me feel like all the money you pay is put into the product.


Sans Soucis Natural Colors Face Primer

Sans Soucis Face Primer

The Sans Soucis Face Primer (€29,95) is a base which you can apply before foundation, suitable for all skin types and comes in a glass bottle with a pump which contains 30 mL of product. According to Sans Soucis, it should reduce the appearance of pores, softens redness and prevents creasing of make-up. The hydrating components, which include hyaluronic acid gives a direct and longwearing moisturizing effect.


Sans Soucis Face Primer Swatch

A little of this product goes a long way, one pump is more than enough for my whole face. The Face Primer almost feels like a moisturizer and has a subtle cosmetic scent but no added perfume. It leaves a thin, shiny layer on the skin and takes a while for to dry. This products has a typical “cosmetic scent” without any additional perfumes.


Sans Soucis Natural Colors Illuminator in Apricot

Sans Soucis Illuminator in Apricot

The Sans Soucis Illuminator (€19,50) is a liquid highlighter with a light texture which leaves gives a radiant effect and glow. This highlighter comes in a non-transparent black tube and contains 40 mL of product. According to Sans Soucisb, this product can be mixed with foundation or can be used on the high points of the face, as an eyeshadow or blush.


Sans Soucis Illuminator in Apricot Swatch

The Sans Soucis Illuminator in Apricot has a peachy/apricot shade (hence the name) that leaves a subtle sheen when applied and blended into the skin. I cannot imagine to use this product for any other reason than mixing with foundation. It’s just way too wet and non-practical to use. I think this will move around your foundation/base everywhere when you try to blend this in and the results will be very sheer and almost not noticeable.



Sans Soucis Natural Colors Contouring Kit

Sans Soucis Contouring Kit

The Sans Soucis Contouring Kit (€22,50) is a palette that consists of a powder contour, bronzer and highlighter shaded. According to Sans Soucis, the powders are silky and are perfect to accentuate and conceal every shape while leaving a subtle shine.


Sans Soucis Contouring Kit Swatches

Here are the swatches of the Sans Soucis Contouring Kit. The Contour shade is a cool-neutral brown with a matte finish, the Bronze shade is a warm brown brown a matte finish and the Highlight shade is a cream with a matte finish. They all are matte but have a very subtle sheen. The powders feel silky and have a decent pigmentation. What is noticeable to me is that when applied heavily, the powder accentuates the texture of my skin, which is a bad thing since it will also accentuate pores and creases so be careful when applying these.


Sans Soucis Natural Colors Magic Volume All Day Long Mascara in Deep Black

Sans Soucis Magic Volume All Day Long Mascara in Deep Black

The Sans Soucis Magic Volume Mascara in Deep Black (€17,50) creates according to the brand, maximum volume with a plump-look of the eyelashes with even the finer lashes looking fuller and darker. This mascara contains grape seed oil, almond oil and apple stem cell extract to condition your eyelashes. The mascara has a normal-sized wand with short bristles.



I have to say that I don’t really see the volumizing effect that Sans Soucis describes. I do see some volume but only after two coats (shown in the picture) but it does take some time for this mascara to dry. The mascara is also not very lengthening so I think this is very suitable for people who like natural looking, dark colored lashes. I do love I can easily reach the base of my lashes with the brush and can easily separate them since the formula takes some time to dry. The formula does not transfer on my skin and is easy to remove.


Sans Soucis Natural Colors Perfect Lips Every Day Lip Balm in Cherry Toffee

Sans Soucis Perfect Lips Every Day Lip Balm in Cherry Toffee

The Sans Soucis Lip Balm in Cherry Toffee (€9,95) is a caring lip balm with a supple texture with a subtle color pay-off, The formula accentuates the lips and leaves a shine for a healthy look.


Sans Soucis Perfect Lips Every Day Lip Balm in Cherry Toffee Swatch

The Sans Soucis Lip Balm in Cherry Toffee has a cherry brown shade with a sheer, glossy finish. The color looks very dark and bold when looking at the bullet but it is actually really sheer and natural looking on me when swatched. This products also has a typical cosmetic scent without additional perfumes.


FOTD using Sans Soucis Makeup 03

Since Sans Soucis is all about natural colors, I decided to keep my look every-day and very natural looking (no wigs included!). The Face Primer feels greasy, so even though this should be for all skin types, I wouldn’t recommend this for people who have an oily skin. It is a good base to apply make-up but I don’t see any pore reducing effects. It isn’t noticeable in picture, but mixing the Illuminator in Apricot makes my foundation a bit more pink, which doesn’t match my yellow undertone. I think this product works better with a deep skin-tone or pink undertone skin. I really like the Contouring Kit, the powders make it subtle and easy to blend, perfect for an every day look. I wouldn’t suggest to use the highlighter shade for setting the under eye area, since it does accentuate creases. The Lip Balm is a perfect every day shade for me and feels comfortable. It stays on my lips for about 2 hours before I have to re-apply again.


FOTD using Sans Soucis Makeup 04

I think that the Sans Soucis Natural Colors products quite expensive for what they offer. The products are good but don’t really excite me because I can use anything on my skin and have a lot to choose from. However, the products might be interesting for people with a sensitive skin type to look into. I really like the Contouring Kit and Mascara to use on a days when I don’t feel like putting a lot of make-up on.

The Sans Soucis Natural Colors products are available at


Have you ever tried Sans Soucis products?


*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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