HEMA Lip Lacquers

HEMA Lip Lacquers

HEMA has launched new colorful liquid lip products with either an ultra-matte or glossy finish. For today, I’m going to show you the lip products with a glossy finish, which are the HEMA Lip Lacquers.


The HEMA Lip Lacquers are available in six different shades, which are Pink, FuchsiaOrange RedRed, Burgundy and Purple. I kinda like how HEMA just simply gave the lipsticks a name of  how the shades actually look like instead of a “cute” name because normally, I always have to check the shade names when writing a review but I can easily remember all of these!


The HEMA Lip Lacquers are in a transparent tube with black details. Funny thing is that I just can’t find out how much product is in the tube. There’s no information on the tube itself and nothing on the HEMA website either, which is weird because you would expect to be able to know how much product is in there, especially for a big franchise like HEMA. When opening the tube, it reveals a small brush applicator. The applicator makes it easy to apply the product but I have noticed that it picks up a lot of product, so it might be best to wipe off the brush on the tube before applying the product on your lips.



Here are swatches of all the HEMA Lip Lacquers. They are creamy, intensely pigmented like a lipstick with a glossy finish and are unscented. The first four shades apply evenly and are fully opaque. Burgundy is slightly patchy but not very noticeable in comparison to Purple, that one unfortunately applies very unevenly and is also not fully opaque.


Since the HEMA Lip Lacquers are very creamy and glossy, I would suggest to apply the HEMA Lip Primer (€4,00) before applying the lipsticks. This will decrease bleeding of the lipstick and makes a more even surface so the lipstick applies more evenly.


HEMA Lip Lacquer in Pink

The HEMA Lip Lacquer in Pink is the lightest shade in the collection. It’s a beautiful wearable pink shade, especially for Spring.


HEMA Lip Lacquer in Fuchsia

The HEMA Lip Lacquer in Fuchsia is a more bright pink compared to the previous shade. It’s a fun and girly shade, perfect for Spring and Summer.


HEMA Lip Lacquer in Orange Red

The HEMA Lip Lacquer in Orange Red is like the name says, an orange toned red. This does make your teeth slightly more yellow looking, but I like how bright this shade looks. I personally like to wear this type of shade during Summer.


HEMA Lip Lacquer in Red

The HEMA Lip Lacquer in Red is a perfect, true red shade. This is a classic shade that can be worn any time of the year. I think that everyone needs a red shade like this in their collection in a matte and glossy finish.


HEMA Lip Lacquer in Burgundy

The HEMA Lip Lacquer in Burgundy is a brick red, brown toned shade. I find this shade very unique and sophisticated. I really like how it looks on me. I would personally wear shades like this during the Fall period. As you can see in the closeup picture, the shade is not completely opaque on my lips but it doesn’t look patchy.


HEMA Lip Lacquer in Purple

The HEMA Lip Lacquer in Purple is a dark, plum shade. I love to wear bold shades like this one during the Winter period. This one is really patchy and not fully opaque when used on it’s own, even when using the HEMA Lip Primer. This type of shade is often difficult to get right, especially when it’s glossy so I understand why this one is so different in quality compared to the others. I suggest to use a lip liner or lipstick with a similar shade to make this lipstick look even.


As you might know already, I’m more into matte lips however, I love how juicy and glossy my lips look after using these. My favorite shades are Pink and Burgundy.

The HEMA Lip Lacquers are definitely worth checking out if you like colorful, glossy lipsticks. They feel very comfortable and non-sticky. They do have a very wet and thin consistency after they are applied I highly suggest to use the HEMA Lip Primer, a lip pencil or even both. Of course, this type of formula does transfer and smudge so re-applying after eating and/or drinking is a must. They do stain your lips a bit so fading of the color goes very gradually.


The HEMA Lip Lacquers are available for €4,50 Euro at Hema stores and Hema.nl.


Do you prefer glossy or matte lipsticks?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. March 31, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    oh wat een prachtige close ups weer en die fel rode is schitterend!

  2. Britt
    March 31, 2017 / 7:00 pm

    Mooie swatches!

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