Hema Matt Lip Cream

HEMA has launched new colorful liquid lip products with either an ultra-matte or glossy finish. I previously reviewed their products with the glossy finish, which you can find here. This time, I’m going to show you the rest of the lip products with a matte finish, which are the HEMA Matt Lip Creams.


The HEMA Matt Lip Creams are available in six different shades, which are Nude, PinkRaspberryWine, Burgundy and Plum. Like the glossy variants, they have simple and easy to remember shade names.


The HEMA Matt Lip Creams are in a transparent tube with black details. Again like the glossy variant, I can’t find out how much product is in the tube. There’s no information on the tube itself and nothing on the HEMA website either. I always thought that something like how much you get of a product should be mandatory right? When opening the tube, it reveals a regular doe foot applicator. The applicator feels comfortable and makes the product easy to apply.


Here are swatches of all the HEMA Matt Lip Creams. They feel creamy on the oily side and thin without being runny. There is a very subtle chemical scent, which is almost unnoticable and disappears when dried. They dry fairly quickly to a matte finish. They are quite pigmented but not fully opaque, making them slightly patchy, which you can also see back in the swatches. Also, they are not completely transfer and smudge proof but they have very little transfer so they’re close to being that.


Since the HEMA Matt Lip Creams are patchy, I would suggest to apply the HEMA Lip Primer(€4,00) before applying the lip creams. This will decrease the patchiness. Using a lip pencil in a similar shade also helps a lot.


HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Nude

The HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Nude is the lightest shade in the collection. It’s a beautiful nude shade for my light to medium skintone. This shade is one of the easier ones to apply. It does look a bit grainy up close but overall, it looks even.


HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Pink

The HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Pink is a fun and girly shade. Again, it looks a bit patchy in pictures because of my bright ring light but in real life, I can’t see what my camera is seeing. This shade also applies easy and evenly.


HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Raspberry

The HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Raspberry is gorgeous alternative to a red shade. I like to wear this type of shades during Spring/Summertime. I can notice the slight patchiness in real life but it doesn’t bother me at all. Overall, it was easy to apply.


HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Wine

The HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Wine is an amazing sophisticated shade. I’m a huge sucker for shades like this one. I think this shade always suits any different skintone. It distributes very evenly but since it’s not fully opaque, it looks slightly darker on some areas and again, I’m not bothered by it. I did notice with this one that the patchiness gets really bad when the lipstick isn’t completely dry and rubbing my lips together, it sort of clumped all together and got really messy, so definitely wait with touching your lips before it completely dries (about a minute or two).


HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Burgundy

The HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Burgundy is beautiful, classic shade. This one does not look patchy at all and applied easy and even.


HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Plum

The HEMA Matt Lip Cream in Burgundy is a very bold and vampy shade. When I saw this in the tube, I was like woahhh HEMA! I can’t believe that they have a bold, dark shade like this one. I love it when affordable, drugstore brands create shades like this one but unfortunately, this one was extremely patchy. Only using a dark plum lipliner would make this color work. Other than that, it doesn’t look very great.


I think the HEMA Matt Lip Creamare okay for their affordable price range. The patchiness in my close-ups is a problem that I’ve never had before so these are definitely not as opaque compared to other matte liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried. The formula feels comfortable at first but gets a bit too dry for me on a longer period. Also, they stain very heavily. It does help with the longevity, since there is very gradual fading due to the shade being stained in your lips forever.


I’m very picky when it comes to liquid lipsticks and I would probably not use them again since I have plenty of other products with similar shades to choose from. However, if you’re on a budget or just don’t want to spend a lot of money on make-up, these would be interesting to try out. My picks would be Nude, Wine and Burgundy. I would definitely choose the HEMA Lip Lacquers over these ones so for this time, I’m team glossy when it comes to the HEMA lip products!

The HEMA Matt Lip Creams are available for €4,50 Euro at Hema stores and Hema.nl.


Which shade is your favorite?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. Britt
    June 30, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    Raspberry and Burgundy are so pretty!

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