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Inglot is a make-up brand based in Poland, which has been available for quite some time here in The Netherlands trough their online store and from time-to-time, a pop-up store. Since a few months, the brand has finally settled in our capital city and opened a beautiful pro-store in Kalverstraat, Amsterdam.

I was invited to the pre-opening and received The Inglot ❤ Amsterdam Freedom System Palette, containing five eyeshadow shades. I’m going to show you an impression of the store and give you a review of the eyeshadow shades.


Photo shot by Soowpictures

The Inglot store in the Kalverstraat, Amsterdam is absolutely gorgeous. The store isn’t very wide but it goes down very deep and  has a high ceiling so it looks very open and spacious. The displays look very professional and modern. I really, really love how the store looks.


Photo shot by Soowpictures

As you could see from the previous photo, it wasn’t taken bij me, because as you can see from the picture above, I was too busy taking tons Snapchat photo’s of the store and totally forgot to bring my camera! Thankfully, the in-house photographer Soowpictures made plenty of them, which I’m using for this post.

Here a few more pictures of the inside of the store during the pre-opening:

Photo shot by Soowpictures
Photo shot by Soowpictures
Photo shot by Soowpictures
Photo shot by Soowpictures

During the opening, balloons with the artwork of the Inglot ❤ Amsterdam Freedom System Palette were hanging on the ceilings, which was beautiful to see. I purchased and received a few products during the pre-opening, including this palette.

Unfortunately, this version of the Freedom System Palette itself was only available to press, so you can’t buy it yourself but you can buy the regular five-slot Freedom System Palette, which has the same base but a regular, transparant frosted lid containing their logo.



The  Inglot Freedom System Palette is a customizable palette, available in many different sizes. The brand has many different products available but I do think that they stand out and are known for their Freedom System Palettes. You can fill in these palettes by using a variety Inglot products like their Freedom System eyeshadows, brow and lipstick products.

I already owned a few of the Inglot Freedom System Palettes with four slots because I found this concept very convenient. It’s compact, easy to travel with and I love that you can create your own, personal preferences inside the palette.


The lid, as well as the products are held in place by magnetism. The lid of the palette stays on really well and the eyeshadows also stick firmly in place while still being easy to remove. Inside the Inglot ❤ Amsterdam Freedom System Palette were five different eyeshadows, each containing 3,2 grams of product. The names of tthe eyeshadow as well as the rest of the information is described on the back of the pans.


The eyeshadows that were in the palette are AMC Shines 153 and 31 and the Eye Shadow Mattes 357 329 and 391. All eyeshadows are very pigmented, feel soft and are very finely milled. There’s also no fallout when using these eyeshadows.


For this look, I used the shade 357 (the brown shade) as a transition shade, 31 (the shimmer nude shade) all over the crease and inner 3rd of the lower lid, 329 (the dark brown shade) in the crease and the outer two 3rds of the bottom lid,  391 (the black shade) in the outer V and the shade 153 (the metallic mauve shade) on the browbone and as an inner corner highlight.


I already knew from my previous experience since I already own a few shades but the quality of the eyeshadows are just great. All eyeshadows blend like a breeze and work very well together. These shades together can be very versatile to make a perfect combination for creating a basic, every day look to a sultry, smoky eye look. Also, if I really wanted to change something, I could easily switch shades around.


I’m really happy that Inglot has opened a store in Amsterdam. I hope that they will expand to other cities as well, because it is definitely worth checking out their range of products. I would recommend to also check out their liquid lipsticks and (glitter) pigments as well!


The Inglot Freedom System Palette (with the standard lid) is available for 10,00 Euro. The individual Freeom System Eyeshadows are available for 8,00 Euro each at and the Inglot Store (Kalverstraat 64, Amsterdam).

Have you tried any products from Inglot before?

*These products were given to me as an PR gift. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. July 19, 2017 / 8:33 pm

    Het event ziet er erg leuk uit! Ik heb zelf ook een palette van Inglot en inderdaad ze zijn zo fijn in gebruik.. Ik vind vooral 153 en 31 mooi in jouw palette.
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