Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper Review

The Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper is a new, Limited Edition lipgloss shade that was launched in celebration of the brands founder, Christina Zilber‘s birthday. Not only is this a fun and festive lipgloss, 20% of the net. proceeds is donated to UNICEF if this shade is purchased! I’m going review the Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper and show all the details in this post.


The Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper comes in a different packaging than normal, a nude box with holographic glitter details. The tube is rectangular and transparent with a dark grey top, containing 5.9 mL product in total. I don’t own any other fullsize Jouer lip products (except for the Limited Edition shade Sweet Tooth, review here) but I think the tube is regular, so the same as the permanent shades.


Screwing off the top reveals a regular doe foot applicator. The top handle is a bit smaller than on the average liquid lipstick/gloss product so it holds a bit clumsy but I didn’t find it a burden and didn’t make application more difficult.


The Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper feels slippery and thin. It contains Coconut Oil so it doesn’t feel sticky at all. It seems like the gloss is suspended in a very sheer milky base, highly packed with pink microglitters and all kinds of glitters, shifting in many different colors like blue, green, violet and gold. Also, the product is scented with a delicious cake batter type of scent.


The glitter in the Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper is extremely difficult to capture. I usually take pictures with flash photography and capture my lipswatches in front of a ring light, which makes the glitter reflect white in pictures instead of showing all the colors. So to capture the glitter effect, I took a picture of the swatch in low lighting and slightly out of focus. For some reason, this makes the glitter stand out better but it looks way more prettier and sparkly in real life.


The Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Lip Topper is absolutely stunning. In pictures, it just looks silvery and glossy but trust me when I say that it looks like glitter rainbow confetti on my lips. The gloss can be worn on it’s own and over other lipstick shades. I think the glitter’s colors might become more visible in picture when it has a darker base, but I haven’t tried that so far.

It feels comfortable and not sticky at all like wearing a moisturizing lipbalm. I do notice the texture of the glitter when rubbing my lips together but I have to press really hard to notice. The gloss can be worn on it’s own and over other lipstick shades. It is of course a gloss so it doesn’t last very long.

I do have to say that you have to be very careful when eating/drinking when wearing this shade, because even though the gloss itself will fade, the glitter will stay on your lips so if you would wipe the gloss on other parts of your face, it will be covered in glitter that is difficult to remove, so be aware of that!


I purchased my Limited Edition Jouer Funfetti Long-Wear Topper just a few days ago at for €15,80 Euro.


Have you purchased the Jouer Funfetti Liptopper or would you like to have it?


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