New Etos Make-up: Spring 2017

New Etos Make-up

I’ve received a few make-up products from Etos to try out. I’m going to review and create a look using these products. There are several things to try: a Nailpolish, a Moisturizing Lipstick, a Matte Finish Foundation and some very interesting items , which are the Etos Matte Lipstick Transformer and the Make-up Blender Sponge.


Let’s start off with the Etos Nailpolish in You Smile, I Smile (€1,99 Euro). I’ve reviewed the Etos Nailpolishes before, and I really love the quality and the affordable price. You can check the review out here if you want to have more details about the bottle and brush.


Etos Nailpolish in You Smile, I Smile is a beautiful soft, peachy pink shade with a creme finish. I’m seriously obsessed with this shade. I think it’s a perfect spring-time color and I will probably wear this shade all the time. It applies evenly however, I needed three coats for full opacity.


I’ve received two products for the lips, which are the Etos Moisturizing Lipstick in Lip-Oholic  (€3,99 Euro)and the Etos Matte Lipstick Transformer (€3,99 Euro). I love how the lipstick looks. I really like that the tube is matte with glossy details. It looks simple and modern. I also love that the Etos logo is on the lipstick bullet.

I’m also really curious on how the Matte Lipstick Transformer will work. I almost never wear non-matte (liquid) lipsticks anymore, so this could be an amazing product to use on my regular lipsticks.


Here are swatches of the Etos Moisturizing Lipstick in Lip-Oholic on the left and the Etos Matte Lipstick Transformer on the right. The lipstick is nicely opaque and glides on easily. I had no idea what to expect for the Matte Lipstick Transformer, since I don’t own any product that does the same thing. It apparently feels like a very thick, silicony gloss. It feels very smooth and slippery like a silicone primer.


The Etos Moisturizing Lipstick in Lip-Oholic is a nude pink shade with a metallic finish. It’s a very beautiful and soft Spring shade. The metallic finish makes it a bit more bold and modern. The lipstick applies evenly but it does tend to cling on dry patches a bit more but it isn’t very noticable. There is also a very faint juicy, fruity scent.


Here’s the  Etos Matte Lipstick Transformer over the lipstick. It applies easily but it does look a bit grainy up close. It keeps the same feeling as on my hand, it feels very velvet-y and does not dry out. Therefore, the Matte Lipstick Transformer does not feel dry either but also does not make the lipstick transfer or smudge proof. The product creates more of a velvet-y matte finish instead of a super flat matte finish like most of the liquid lipsticks do.


The last items that I’m going to show are the Etos Make-up Blender Sponge (€4,99 Euro) and the Matte Finish Foundation in the shade Warm Beige (€6,99 Euro). Right off the bat, the sponge is rock hard. It almost isn’t squeezable because the sponge is so dense. When dry, it’s the same size comparable to other make-up sponges but since the sponge is so dense, there is a lot of material to absorb water so it changes size drastically when saturated with water. It is too big so I can’t get to narrow spaces on my face, it’s stil way too hard and I don’t feel like it absorbs and distributes foundation very well. I really don’t like it and it’s not coming close in quality to any of the more popular brand sponges.


The Matte Finish Foundation in Warm Beige looks slightly lighter on my skintone but it is actually a good match, since it oxidizes a bit and turns darker over time. If you’re looking for your shade, I would suggest to swatch the shade on the side of your cheek and see how the shade looks during the rest of the day. I really like how natural the finish looks. It doesn’t change into a very matte finish but looks more velvet with a light to medium coverage. The only thing that I’m not so fond about is the smell. Because no additional perfume or scent is added, you can smell the raw ingredients very strongly.


I think that the new Etos Make-up products are a great new addition to their collection and perfect for spring. My favorite products are the Etos Nailpolish in You Smile, I Smile and the Matte Finish Foundation. The only product that I don’t like and can’t recommend is the Etos Make-up Blender Sponge.


The new Etos make-up products are available in the Etos stores.


What kind of make-up do you like to wear for Spring?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. Britt
    March 29, 2017 / 6:56 pm

    Mooie lipstick zeg, maar ik word ook heel erg blij van je foto’s!

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