NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Collection Review

NYX Professional Makeup has launched the Limited Edition Machinist Collection for Fall/Winter 2018. This collection is inspired by science fiction genre Steam Punk with three themes, Steam, Grind and Ignite. The collection consists of multiple products such as Lipsticks, Lip Lacquers and Shadow Palettes. I’m going review a selection of the NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Collection in today’s post.


There are three NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Lipsticks (€9,40 Euro/ 3.5 gr each) available the collection; Metallic Copper (Steam), Honey Bronze (Grind), and Metallic Bronze (Ignite). The lipsticks  have a creamy formula is all have a metallic/lustre finish.



Here are swatches of the NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Lipsticks in Metallic Copper (Steam), Honey Bronze (Grind), and Metallic Bronze (Ignite). These lipsticks are nicely creamy, have a subtle peppermint scent and glide easily on the lips. They feel comfortable but I do notice that the lipsticks feel slightly gritty due to the fine glitter/pearls, but I only notice then when I press and rub my lips together.

I think these are good for metallic lipsticks with beautiful colors for the Fall/Winter Season but personally, but these aren’t really my thing but I do think these match the Steam Punk theme nicely.



For the  NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Collection, there are also three Slip Tease Lip Lacquers (€8,35 Euro/ 3 mL each) available the collection, again for each three themes. These are full coverage lip glosses and I already know and love the formula! You can find my review and swatches of all the current permanent shades here.



Here are swatches of the NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Lacquers in SteamGrind, and IgniteLike the permanent shades, these have a Vanilla Mint scent, are super pigmented, easy to apply evenly and feel comfortable.

To me, these are seriously the best lip product that the brand has ever made. I like the new addition of shades from this collection and I actually hope that the shade Ignite becomes permanent because I’m absolutely obsessed by it. I have a full face look using these products further down below in combination with the eyeshadows of the same themes.



I also received the three NYX Professional Makeup Shadow Palettes (€26,36 Euro/12x 1.08 gr each) of the collection.  Each palette contains twelve highly pigmented tones inspired by the Steam Punk theme. The palettes are made of hard plastic, feel sturdy, have their own individual artwork and a sizeable mirror. All the shades do not have a name but have a number from 1 to 12, starting from left to right, top to bottom.



The NYX Professional Makeup Shadow Palette in Steam mostly consists of cool light to medium cool toned shades with two pops of color. The shadow feels like they’re pressed hard into the pan, but still have a soft touch. The pigmentation of the shades are average but apply evenly. They can be build up if needed and I would suggest to use a base to intensify the shades.


For this look, I used the NYX Professional Makeup Shadow Palette in Steam using the shades (crease), (upper lid)(bottom lid)(inner corner highlight) and 5 (browbone highlight).

The eyeshadows worked and blended well on my eyes. I think the combination with the lip lacquer looks good, creating a bold and edgy look but in general, these shades are not my thing.



The NYX Professional Makeup Shadow Palette in Grind mostly consists of warm shades in combination with greens. I like the color combination of this one, it reminds me of a forest changing seasons. These shadows also feel like they’re pressed hard into the pan, the pigmentation looks slightly better, probably because there are more darker shades in this palette. Especially the more intense metallic shades, and 12 are very strong.


For this look, I used the NYX Professional Makeup Shadow Palette in Grind using the shades (transition shade) 11 (crease and outer 3rd of the upper lid and bottom lid), 10 (inner 2/3rd of the upper lid)(outer V and bottom lashline) and (inner corner highlight).

The eyeshadows worked and blended nicely on my eyes. Again, I think the combination with the lip lacquer looks great and I think each shade would combine beautifully.



The NYX Professional Makeup Shadow Palette in Ignite mostly consists of warm resddish and rusty shades. I also enjoy the color scheme of this palette. Again, the pigmentation looks slightly better due to the darker (shimmer) shades in this palette.


For this look, I used the NYX Professional Makeup Shadow Palette in Ignite using the shades (transition shade) 10 (crease and corner of the upper lid and bottom lid), (upper lid)(outer V and bottom lashline), (inner corner highlight) and (browbone highlight).

The eyeshadows worked and blended nicely on my eyes. I did have some fallout issues with shade 8 (which you can still see on the close-up pic) but it wasn’t as much that it became problematic. Again, love the combo with the lip lacquer.


I like the looks that came out using the NYX Professional Makeup Shadow Palettes but I’m not very excited about the quality of the palettes. Don’t get me wrong, they are okay but they’re not amazing, which is fair for the price point. I would personally pick either Grind or Ignite but it really depends on what kind of shades you prefer.


I think that the NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Collection has a nice cohesive theme and I really like the Steam Punk inspiration however, if I had purchase these products myself, I would only buy the Slip Tease Lip Lacquers. I love all the shades and wear beautifully. I personally wouldn’t purchase the other products because the Lipsticks aren’t my taste and even though the Palettes are good, I don’t find them very exciting. The quality of all the products are okay so if you really dig the theme and shades, I would definitely suggest to check them out yourself.

The Limited Edition NYX Professional Makeup Machinist Collection is available at the NYX Professional Make-up Stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.



Which theme is your favorite? Steam, Grind or Ignite?

*These products are PR gifted. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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