OPI Grease Collection – Summer 2018 Review

Summer Lovin’, had me a Blast! OPI has launched their Summer 2018 collection inspired by the Iconic 70s movie Grease, which is celebrating its 40th Anniversary! With all the colorful characters, songs and styles in this movie, there is plenty inspiration to create some awesome nail polish shades. There are twelve shades available in the collection, plus three shades with a leather like finish. I’m going to review and swatch all the shades of the OPI Grease Collection in today’s post.


The OPI Grease Collection nail polishes are available both in the regular version (seen in picture), as well as the Infinite Shine version (review here). Per usual, each bottle contains 15 mL of product. What I notice about this collection is that there are a lot of pastel shades, which is usually seen in a Spring collection but I get it since the girls in the Grease movie wear a lot of pastel clothes. Also, I don’t mind it since I’m always obsessed with pastel nail polish shades.

For the swatches below, I’ve used a peel-off base before applying the nail polish to make swatching fifteen shades in one day a bit easier. No top coat has been applied to show you the finish of the nail polishes.


OPI Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes

OPI Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes is a White nail polish with a Creme finish. I do like white nail polishes because it loos chique and makes my skin look more tan but I’m kind of disappointed that this shade is added to the collection, because the previous collection (review here) has the exact same white shade with the same finish. Light/pastel shades are always difficult to work with, this one is no different. The first coat is very streaky so it does need a second coat plus top coat, or three coats to even everything out. For the swatch, I used three coats.


OPI Meet a Boy Cute As Can Be

OPI Meet a Boy Cute As Can Be is a Buttercup Yellow nail polish with a Creme finish. I loooove barely there color pastel nail polishes but again, these are not easy to use. Like the white shade, the first coat is very streaky so it does need a second coat plus top coat, or three coats to even everything out. For the swatch, I used three coats.


OPI Frenchie Likes To Kiss?

OPI Frenchie Likes to Kiss? is a Lavender nail polish with a Creme finish. This nail polish looks really cool in the bottle, because it has some kind of pink/violet shimmer throughout the nail polish but unfortunately, the effect is very subtle when applied on the nails and not visible in pictures. It still is a beautiful shade though! The first coat is streaky but I only needed a second coat to even everything out.


OPI Hopelessly Devoted to OPI

OPI Hopelessly Devoted to OPI is a Peach nail polish with a Creme finish. This shade is so beautiful, I think this is my favorite in the bunch. It looks so feminine and romantic, a perfect everyday shade. This is another shade that needs two coats plus a top coat, or three coats to make it look even.


OPI Was It All Just a Dream?

OPI Was It All Just a Dream? is a Turquoise Blue nail polish with a Creme finish. I think this leans a bit more to the green side than blue, but it’s still a beautiful, dusty pastel shade! The first coat applies very streaky but the second coat makes everything look opaque and even.


OPI Pink Ladies Rule the School

OPI Pink Ladies Rule the School is a Pink nail polish with a Creme finish. This is another shade that I absolutely love and I think will compliment a lot of different skintones because of the subtle warmth. This shade was easy to work with, two thin and quick coats for an even and fully opaque application.


OPI Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast!

OPI Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast! is a Bright Orange nail polish with a Creme finish. This shade screams Summer to me. It’s really a bright, fun and vibrant shade. This one is also a very easy, two coater.


OPI You’re the Shade That I Want

OPI You’re the Shade That I Want is a Magenta nail polish with a Creme finish. I feel like I’m kinda into pink hues lately because I’m also loving this shade! This nail polish has the most beautiful formula, only one coat is needed for full opacity but you can notice the texture of your nails, so a top coat or two coats are recommended.


OPI Teal Me More, Teal Me More

OPI Teal Me More, Teal Me More is a Teal Blue nail polish with a Creme finish. As you can see, the nail polish looks a bit separated in color in the bottle. I tried to mix it but it still looked that way. I didn’t have any problems with uneven color application though. It was another easy nail polish to apply, two coats for an even application.


OPI Tell Me About It Stud

OPI Tell Me About It Stud is a Red nail polish with a Creme finish. This is my favorite type of red shade, a red with blue undertones. I’m not every impressed with the formula though. It applies evenly but is quite sheer so even with three coats, I can see notice the difference between the pink and white part of my nails. It isn’t extremely noticeable but I’ve seen better reds.


OPI Chills Are Multiplying!

OPI Chills Are Multiplying! is a Deep Blue nail polish with a Pearl-like finish. This shade looks stunning. The shimmer makes it look like that the nail polish has some depth it in, very mesmerizing! I used two coats for the swatch but I would highly recommend to use two coats and a top coat to make it look extra glossy and yummy.


OPI Danny & Sandy 4 Ever!

OPI Danny & Sandy 4 Ever! is a Gun-Metal Grey nail polish with a Pearl-like finish. This is another mesmerizing shade. This pearl shimmer has a few colors in it like blue and silver, making it look very special. Two careful coats are okay but I would recommend three coats like I used in the picture, and a top coat for the shimmers to stand out even more.


The last three nail polishes of the OPI Grease Collection that I’m showing you have a Leather Like Finish, which means that these nail polishes are textured and are meant to be used without any top coat. The shades available are Electryfyin’ PinkGrease is the Word and Rydell Forever.


These nail polishes actually have an amazing formula, they are very pigmented and apply fully opaque in two coats. I wish that the regular white nail polish had such a good formula as this one with the textured effect! The Leather Like Effect appears over time when the nail polish is drying. The texture isn’t something that I’m very into, it looks like a subtle sand effect, making it look leathery but I don’t find the effect to be very exciting. I do like the shades and how it also has a velvet-y matte finish.


The OPI Grease Collection is a fun and colorful collection. The pastel shades are not great to apply but like I previously mentioned, these are always a pain in the butt to apply. I’ve rarely seen nail polishes with those kind of shades that do work well. All the nail polishes in the collection are nice and thin without being runny, so they all can be applied with a thin layer and dry quickly. My favorite shades in the collection are Hopelessly Devoted to OPIPink Ladies Rule the School and Chills Are Multiplying!.


The OPI Grease Collection for Summer 2018 nail polishes are available for €14,95 Euro each (regular nail polish version) at the Douglas stores and Douglas.nl. You can also check out the OPI Sales Locator for other store locations.

The collection (excluding the Leather-Like nail polishes) is also available in the OPI Infinite Shine No-Light Gel Lacquers version for €18,95 Euro each. There’s also a mini pack containing the shades Don’t Cry Over Spilled MilkshakesWas It All Just a Dream?, Pink Ladies Rule the School and You’re the Shade That I Want for €19,95 Euro.


Which shade of the OPI Grease Collection is your favorite?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


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