OPI Lisbon Collection for Spring 2018 Review

OPI introduces their Spring 2018 Collection, inspired by the lively city Lisbon. This city in Portugal is known for their fado style music and dreamy, pastel colored streets. The collection consists of twelve shades with a diversity of colors, from pastels to bright warm shades. I’ve received the entire OPI Lisbon Collection, which I’m going to show you in this post.


It seems like the OPI Lisbon Collection can be divided in two themes, pastel pinks and bright creme shades. I have to say that I really like the split between these themes and I think these colors would work well for the Spring/Summer Season. As per usual, each bottle contains 15 mL of product.


OPI Suzi Chases Portu-geese

OPI Suzi Chases Portu-geese is a White nail polish with a Creme finish. Light shades are usually the most difficult colors to work with when it comes to nail polishes. The formula of these kinds of colors are usuallys sheer, streaky and difficult to get even. Unfortunately, this shade is no different.  The formula is nicely thin so you can get away with two very carefully applied coats but I recommend to use three thin coats. It does even out eventually the more coats you apply. I do love a white polish though, it looks very chique and makes my skin look more tan.


OPI Lisbon Wants Moor OPI

OPI Lisbon Wants Moor OPI is a White with a hint of Pink nail polish with a Creme finish. This nail polish is soooo pretty!! I’m always obsessed with white shades that just have a hint of color. Like the previous light shade, it applies a little bit streaky but was not too difficult to even out. I used three coats for the picture but I think two coats should be good as well.


OPI You’ve Got Nata On Me

OPI You’ve Got Nata On Me is a Light Peach nail polish with a Creme finish. Another shade that I’m in love with, it is such a beautiful and soft nude/every day color for the nails. The first thin coat applied a bit streaky but the second thin coat made it nice and even.


OPI Tagus in That Selfie!

OPI Tagus in That Selfie! is a Soft and Bright Pink nail polish with a Creme finish. This is a nice and girly cool-toned pink shade, definitely a lovely color for Spring. This polish applied similarly as the previous one, a bit streaky with the first coat but nice and even on the second.


OPI Made It To the Seventh Hill!

OPI Made It To the Seventh Hill! is a Soft Golden Rose nail polish with a Frosty/Metallic finish. The color with the combination of the finish of this nail polish is really unusual and unique, I like it!  With a frosty type of finish, you can see the brush strokes when you apply the nail polish, but I don’t mind it so much. I needed two, easy applied coats for full opacity.


OPI Now Museum, Now You Don’t

OPI Now Museum, Now You Don’t is a Red nail polish with a Metallic finish. I’m personally not very fond of Metallic Reds for the Spring Season. I would rather wear this type of shade during the Christmas Holiday Season but nonetheless, it is a pretty shade. It applied really easy and needed two coats for full opacity.


OPI We Seafood and Eat It

OPI We Seafood and Eat It is a Lobster Red nail polish with a Creme finish. The Lobster Red description is from the brand itself, but I would describe it more as a bright coral shade. I love this shade so much! It makes me so happy just looking at this beautiful bright shade. I think it would be an awesome color for both Spring and Summer. Very easy, two coater for full opacity.


OPI A Red-vival City

OPI A Red-vival City is an Orange Toned Red nail polish with a Creme finish. OPI just describes this shade as a Red but I can definitely see some Orange in there. I usually avoid Orange shades because I usually get the question if a Dutch festivity is going on, but I can’t stop loving this beautiful bright shade. It isn’t too orange and is just such a beautiful, eye-catching shade, which I think is perfect for Summer! Another easy two coater for full opacity.


OPI Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants

OPI Sun, Sea and Sand in My Pants is an Warm Yellow nail polish with a Creme finish. This color also makes me happy, because it is such a bright and fun looking Summer shade! It really makes me crave for the sun and warm weather. Two coats are perfect for full opacity.


OPI Closer Than You Might Belém

OPI Closer Than You Might Belém is an Sea Green nail polish with a Creme finish. I find this to be a very unique looking nail polish. It’s really an interesting muted shade, which I love to wear during the Spring season. This nail polish had a wonderful formula, only one regular coat was enough for full opacity!


OPI Tile Art To Warm Your Heart

OPI Tile Art To Warm Your Heart is an Blue nail polish with a Creme finish. This shade looks really bold and fun. Blues were my favorite nail polish shade for quite some time because it looks so striking and edgy! This nail polish was easy to apply and needed two coats for full opacity.


OPI No Turning Back From Pink Street

OPI No Turning Back From Pink Street is an Magenta nail polish with a Creme finish. This shade also makes me really excited for Spring and Summer. It is such a vibrant and lovely, girly shade. Another two, easy coats for full opacity.


The OPI Lisbon Collection for Spring 2018  is really a fun and beautiful collection. Most of the nail polishes are easy to apply, with exception of the lighter, pastel shades but like I previously mentioned, these are always a pain in the butt to apply. I’ve rarely seen nail polishes with those kind of shades that do work well. All the nail polishes in the collection are nice and thin without being runny, so they all can be applied with a thin layer and dry quickly.

The collection has a nice variety of shades, some of them might have been released a few times already like the white, blue and magenta shade but either way, these are beautiful and fit perfectly in the collection. I’m a sucker for pastel shades but I have to say that the brighter shades have won this time. I love that the brighter shades in the collection make the color of the rainbow together and my absolute two favorites are OPI A Red-vival City and We Seafood and Eat It. I also love the shade You’ve Got Nata On Me.


The OPI Lisbon Collection for Spring 2018 is available starting from the 16th of February, 2018 for €14,95 Euro each (regular nail polish version) at the Douglas stores and Douglas.nl. You can also check out the OPI Sales Locator for other store locations.

The collection is also available in the OPI Infinite Shine No-Light Gel Lacquers version for €18,95 Euro each. There’s also a mini pack containing the shades You’ve Got Nata On Me, Closer Than You Might Belém, Tile Art To Warm Your Heart and Suzi Chases Portu-geese for €19,95 Euro.

Which color from the collection is your favorite?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.


  1. February 7, 2018 / 8:13 am

    ik vind ze allemaal zo mooi 😀 vooral die gele is een super vrolijke tint!
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  2. Britt van Ommeren
    February 7, 2018 / 2:36 pm

    Er zitten prachtige kleuren tussen!

  3. March 6, 2018 / 6:08 am

    Hi Lariesa,

    I would love to link your website to one of my pages on my website. please let me know if you’re ok with it. thank you for your great work and creativity! xx

    • Lariesa
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      Hi Thao,

      No problem! You can add a link if you’d wish 🙂

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