OPI Pop Culture Collection Review

OPI is setting a new trend with the Limited Edition OPI Pop Culture Collection. Consisting of six shades, the innovative formula of these nail polishes creates a 3D Bubble Effect texture, giving the a playful finish on the nails inspired by Pop Art. I’m going to review and swatch the entire OPI Pop Culture Collection in today’s post.


The OPI Pop Culture Collection consists of six vibrant nailpolish shades with a Limited Edition Pop Art cap. The bottle contains 15 mL of product as usual. To use these nail polishes, you only need to apply two layers of nail polish without using a top coat, because you will lose the effect if a top coat is applied.

For all the swatches, I used two coats as specified, but I also did use a Peel-off Basecoat because it makes swatching these back-to-back easier. I’m going to discuss the shades in the individual swatches and give you a more detailed opinion on the texture at the swatch overview, which is at the end of the post.



OPI Hate to Burst Your Bubble

OPI Hate to Burst Your Bubble is a beautiful Yellow shade. It has some micro-shimmer throughout the nailpolish, which is unfortunately not visible in picture but it definitely is in real life. Two thin coats are not enough for full opacity, so three coats are definitely needed.



OPI – OPI Pops!

OPI – OPI Pops! is a vibrant Raspberry Red shade. This shade also has a beautiful micro-shimmer and the vibrancy makes it a perfect Summer shade.



OPI Pink Bubbly

OPI Pink Bubbly is a popping Pink shade. It has blue micro-shimmer (again, sadly not visible in picture) mixed throughout the nail polish, which really looks beautiful in combination with the pink shade.



OPI Pop Star

OPI Pop Star is a soft Purple shade. This shade also has blue micro-shimmer throughout the nail polish. It seems to be slightly less opaque, so two coas were not enough for full opacity. I would suggest three coats using this shade.



OPI Days of Pop

OPI Days of Pop is a soft Blue Jeans shade. Like the rest, this shade has micro-shimmer. It is similar to the previous shade when it comes to consistency, not fully opaque in two coats, which you can definitely see in picture.



OPI Bumpy Road Ahead

OPI Bumpy Road is a soft Galaxy Blue shade. This shade is to me, the most interesting of the bunch. It has turquoise-ish micro-shimmer, which reminds me of an ocean and beautiful to look at.



Now lets discuss the texture of the OPI Pop Culture Collection. I think it’s definitely a finish that you either love or hate. Unfortunately, I do not like the effect at all. Unlike other 3D effects like Sand, which was also launched by the brand (and I really liked), this texture looks extremely messy. It looks like something went wrong with the application or even like my nails have a bad rash. I get itchy seeing and thinking about it!  The “bubbles” are uneven in size and can look really clumpy depending on the application. I think I would love them if there was no 3D effect, because the shimmers throughout these nail polishes look beautiful!

I do think that there is a learning curve for applying these nail polishes. Thin coats look better for “even bubble placement” than thicker coats. They do dry like an average OPI nail polish would so these can be applied quick with three or two thin coats. The texture feels like a softer version of sandpaper.

I think the best way of applying these is to use two coats of a similar shade and put one or two coats of these polishes, depending on how strong you want the effect to be on top. So if you do really like the effect, my shade picks would be OPI Pops! and Bumpy Road Ahead.



The Limited Edition  OPI Pop Culture Collection is available for €14,95 Euro each (regular nail polish version only) at the Douglas stores. You can also check out the OPI Sales Locator for other store locations.

There’s also a mini pack containing the shades OPI PopsPink BubblyPop Star and Days of Pop for €19,95 Euro.



How do you feel about the Bubbly Effect texture?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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