Le Couvent des Minimes Tinharé Eau de Parfum Review

Le Couvent des Minimes Tinharé Eau de Parfum Review

Le Couvent des Minimes is a French, niche perfume brand that creates 100% vegan fragrances. The brand pays an homage to Louis Feuillée, a famous botanist who lived in Convent of the Minimes, a majestic place founded in 1614.

The Parfum Remarquable Collection is inspired by the voyages of Louis Feuillée. The collection traces the ambiances of legendary ports, islands, deserts and oceans where Louis has traveled. One of the fragrances in the collection is Tinharé, inspired by the Brazillian island with notes of Red Tangerine and Vanilla Wood. I’m going to review the Le Couvent des Minimes Tinharé Eau de Parfum in today’s post.


There are eight fragrances in the Parfum Remarquable Collection. The bottle of the fragrance has a robust, luxurious look, made of blackened transparent glass. Since I had to look up all the information of the brand for this review, I notice and love all the small details of the logo.

The logo shows the initials L.C. for Louis Feuillée, a leaf with the words Botanica Nobilis, meaning Noble Botanist in Latin, a crown because he worked for King of France Louis XIV and 1614, when the location where Louis lived was founded. The logo is also displayed on top of the octagonal-shaped cap.

The bottle and the cap feel heavy and screams luxury to me. I absolutely adore everything about it.


Le Couvent des Minimes Tinharé Eau de Parfum Review

Le Couvent des Minimes Tinharé Eau de Parfum is described as a memory of a trip to the beautiful Brazilian island, where time is suspended. At the top, the sweetness of juicy Red Mandarin, transitioning to a tender and feminine heart, then continues on a Vanilla base.

I have never really experienced a fragrance such as this one. I have to be completely honest, when I first got introduced to the fragrance, it smelled like nothing to me but when I tested this over a period of time, I learned to really appreciate the scent. It sounds strange, but the scent doesn’t smell like a regular perfume. The scent really reminds me of a location, specifically an island because the fragrance smells salty like the sea to me and I have no idea why.

During the initial application, I do notice an extremely subtle, sweet Mandarin scent. Then to me, it just smells salty and woody. It has a very underlying Vanilla scent but it isn’t as sweet as I would normally notice in other fragrances. Because this scent is so unique, I also think this is a perfect Unisex fragrance. The perfume lasts long on me and I would consider this as a daytime scent for any season.

The Le Couvent des Minimes Tinharé Eau de Parfum is a product that I think is not for the masses, something that you need to experience and appreciate. I hope the entire Parfum Remarquable Collection is available in stores, because I really am interested to try the other perfumes on my skin. I would suggest to experience this fragrance yourself in stores.


Le Couvent des Minimes Tinharé Eau de Parfum Review

The Le Couvent des Minimes Tinharé Eau de Parfum is available for €49,49/50 mL and €89,89/100 mL at Douglas.nl and selected Douglas Stores.



Have you tried fragrances that remind you of locations around the world?

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