Pepe Jeans Eau de Parfum for Her Review

Pepe Jeans Eau de Parfum for Her Review

The fashion brand Pepe Jeans has launched their first fragrances, inspired by the energetic and positive personality that the brand represents. The Pepe Jeans Eau de Parfum for Her is described as a fusion of Amber and Vanilla, an elixir of sensuality for women who love to celebrate life. I’m going to review this new fragrance in today’s post.


Pepe Jeans Eau de Parfum for Her Review Pepe Jeans Eau de Parfum for Her Review

The bottle of the fragrance is shaped as a cocktail glass, available in 50 ml (as seen in picture) and 80 mL. The top part holds the perfume, is made from glass with a prisma cut and has a transparent, rose gold tint. The bottom part is made of a metallic material with a rose-gold shade. I really love the concept of the bottle, it represents the celebration of life inspiration perfectly. It looks really beautiful and I can see this bottle standing on someones vanity as a decorative item as well.


The notes of the Pepe Jeans Eau de Parfum for Her is described as follows:

Top Notes: Almond, Mandarin, Marshmallow
Middle Notes: Vanilla, Almond Milk, Vodka
Base Notes: Amber, Musk

When I first apply this fragrance, it smells sweet and fruity. Even though the scent does not contain coconut or pineapple, it really reminds me of a Piña Colada cocktail! It is really difficult for me to distinguish the middle and top notes in this fragrance. I do think I can smell Almond Milk during the initial application, which then changes into a more general combination of a sweet Vanilla and warm Amber scent. The fragrance stays on my skin for about half a day. I think this perfume is perfect for daytime and a nice scent for Summer/Fall.

I would consider this fragrance to be a “safe” kind of option. It smell delicious but it isn’t very unique, which you can already notice in the notes. This however, means that it’s absolutely perfect as a gift. It is a fragrance that I think many people would enjoy, the bottle looks amazing and it isn’t too expensive either.



The Pepe Jeans Eau de Parfum for Her is available for €34,95 Euro/50 mL and €44,95 Euro/80 mL (suggested retail prices) at and Douglas Stores.



Do you have a favorite bottle design of a fragrance?

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