Essence x PAC-MAN Collection

Essence x PAC-MAN Collection

Almost 40 years ago, a small yellow creature with a big appetite, chased by colorful ghosts inside a maze appeared on the video-arcade screens. PAC-MAN has been an iconic game ever since. It’s playful, retro style makes a perfect match with Essence. I’m going to show you the press release pictures of the Essence x PAC-MAN Collection in today’s post.


PAC-MAN Eyeshadow Palette

Essence x PAC-MAN Collection Eyeshadow Palette

The Essence x PAC-MAN Eyeshadow Palette in 01 You’ll Eat It Up! contains a eight, pigmented eyeshadows that have a variety of warm tones, from soft champagne to intense berry shades with matte, shimmer and sparkling finishes. The top of the lid shows the iconic PAC-MAN game setting. The little PAC-MAN inside the palette even can be moved around my rotating the palette. Suggested retail price: €7,99 Euro.


PAC-MAN Baked Highlighter

Essence x PAC-MAN Collection Baked Highlighter

The Essence x PAC-MAN Baked Highlighter has an intensely pigmented, baked powder texture, available in two shades, 01 Game Over and 02 Ready give you a golden or pink glow. The transparent top with a cute retro ghost design shows the shades through the lid. Suggested retail price: €2,59 Euro each.


PAC-MAN Blush Palette
Essence x PAC-MAN Collection Blush Palette

The Essence x PAC-MAN Blush Palette in 01 Beware of Flashing Monsters is a versatile eye-catcher with four pigmented blush shades like coral and cherry red to flatter each skintone. The palette has a transparent top with retro PAC-MAN and ghost designs that shows the shades through the lid. Suggested retail price: €3,89 Euro.


PAC-MAN Colour Changing Lipbalm

The Essence x PAC-MAN Colour Changing Lipbalm in 01 Blinky tints the lips and changes color from green to pink. The shade of pink depends on the natural color of the lips with a long-lasting effect. The tube shows the phrase GET READY, which you see at the start of the game and the ghost PINKY on the cap.  Suggested retail price: €2,99 Euro.


PAC-MAN Eye Mask

The Essence x PAC-MAN Eye Mask in 01 Power Up! is a sheet mask for the eyes with nourishing ingredients to give your eyes an awake and energized appearance. The mask prepares the sensitive skin around the eyes for make-up and has a soothing effect. The eye masks have a cute design of PAC-MAN and PINKY. Suggested retail price: €9,99 Euro.


PAC-MAN Face Brush

The Essence x PAC-MAN Face Brush in 02 High Score is perfect for applying powder textures such as fixing powder, blush or bronzer. The soft, synthetic hairs apply and blend the pigments seamlessly on the skin. The soft-touch handle shows all four ghosts as a fun, finishing touch. Suggested retail price: €1,99 Euro.


As a lot of you already know, I’m a huge sucker for packaging so I definitely have some of the products on my wishlist. I’m probably getting the Eyeshadow Palette, the Blush Palette, one of the Baked Highlighters and the Eye Mask.

The Limited Edition Essence x PAC-MAN Collection will be available starting from September 2019 at Kruidvat stores.



Which products would you like to get from the collection?


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