Rodial Dragon’s Blood Skincare Line

Rodial has a range of skincare lines with each having their own specialty. One of these lines is called Dragon’s Blood. The products of this skincare line contain the ingredient Dragon’s Blood,  a sap from the Croton Lechleri Tree, commonly known as Sangre de Grado. With such an epic name, it has to have awesome products in there too right? I previously reviewed the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel and came out to be my favorite product from the different lines that I’ve tried so far. I was happy to hear that the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Skincare Line was expanded with new products, which I’m going to show you in today’s post.


The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Skincare Line was expanded by three new products, which are the Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream, the Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask and the Dragon’s Blood XXL Lip Plumper. I’ve received these products and tested them alongside the Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel.


The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel and Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream are products used for the face. I’ve tested these alongside each other for an entire month by using the Sculpting Gel first and adding the Velvet Cream second to my face each morning.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I already reviewed the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel so I’m going to copy the info that I’ve written previously down below.


The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel (€95,56) comes in a coral peach jar with an transparent outer layer which contains 50 mL of product. This is a sculpting gel that helps define facial contours, skin appears firmer and more lifted with ingredients such as Dragon’s Blood that protect against external factors by forming a second skin like protective film and also calms and restores skin hydration, Collageneer which improves the appearance of skin and firmness, vollufiline which improves elasticity of the skin and commipheroline, which smooths the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


I was looking for a way to open the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel to get some product out, but you actually have to push the top for a small portion to come out. This is enough to use for your entire face. I think the packaging is very innovative however, you can’t see how much product is left since the packaging is not transparent.


The gel reminds me of a moisturizer since it’s not transparent but is white instead. It has a thin consistency and smells amazing. I think it smells sweet, fruity and juicy. The gel leaves a very thin layer on my skin.


The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream (€93,95) comes in a coral peach,  twistable jar with an transparent outer layer and contains 50 mL of product. This is a rich cream that hydrates and nourishes the skin intensively. Of course, the product contains Dragon’s Blood and other ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Hydromanil, which boosts moisture for optimal and long-lasting hydration and Vegetal Squalane which helps restore skin suppleness.


The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream is as the brand already mentioned, very thick and rich. It almost feels like a body butter due to it’s thickness. It has the same amazing scent as the Gel. You can use this cream in the morning and/or night, as well as a hydrating mask.


Here’s a before/after picture of using the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel and Velvet Cream during the day for an entire month. What the products basically promise is hydration, suppleness, volume and reduce redness.

My skin is usually very dry, especially on the cheek area with a lot of redness on the same area and some acne from time-to-time. You can’t really see a big difference in the appearance of mys kin in the before/after picture, so I’m not going to show a detailed zoomed in picture report.

I don’t have problems with a lack of volume or suppleness of the skin, so there is no difference there. What I personally notice is that my redness around the cheek area has been reduced and what is mostly important to me, is that my skin feels comfortable and hydrated. Normally, my skin feels so dry that it gets uncomfortable with a slightly tightening feeling on my cheek the entire time, which isn’t the case all day when I use this combination. I have to say that previously, the Sculpting Gel alone wasn’t enough to keep my skins moisture at a good level. Unfortunately, it didn’t reduce the wrinkles on my forehead or the acne breakouts but overall, I’m really happy with using these products. Love how the products feels on my skin, how moisturized my skin feels after using these and how they smell.


The other two products, the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask and XXL Lip Plumper can be used for more full and hydrated lips. I already have quite full lips, which are dry so I’m curious what these products will do for me.


The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask (€51,95) comes in a pack with eight sachets with the same, coral shade. The sachets are available individually on the Rodial website but not at Ici Paris XL, the store where we have to buy the brand in The Netherlands. I received a few sachets separately so unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the full packaging.  The lip mask is supposed to hydrate the lips with ingredients such as Dragon’s Blood and Hyaluronic Acid, which I already mentioned and explained in the previous products. The addition of Glycerin helps the lip skin’s outer barrier to keep the moisture locked in.


The one time use Rodial Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask  is made of a biocellulose material, which is completely saturated with the liquid and feels gel-like but sturdy. It has a lip shape with an opening in the middle, so you’re able to talk when the mask is applied but I wouldn’t eat or drink when wearing it.


Here’s my lips without using any products. As you can see, my lips are quite full on their own, but are very dry and have a lot of wrinkles and dry spots.


To use the mask, you have to apply it on the lips for 15 minutes. The mask fits nicely on my lips and have enough space around it. It feels very comfortable and has a tingling/numbing sensation during the wear period. You can kind of feel the mask shrink and get thinner as well during the wearing period, since the moisture inside the mask is going into the lips.


Here are my lips after using the Rodial Dragon’s Lip Mask. I don’t see a very subtle plumping effect in the middle of my lips but what the biggest difference is, is the moisture in my lips. I don’t see the dry patches on my lips that I had before and my lips feel very nourished and soft. I think this lip mask would be amazing to use from time to time for an extra boost during the dry winter season when my lips usually get extremely dry and chapped like a lot of people have during that time and of course, it’s also great to use before using a drying, matte (liquid) lipstick.



The Rodial Dragon’s Blood XXL Lip Plumper (€33,95) comes in a clickable pen that contains 3 3mL of product with again, the coral shade that all the Dragon’s Blood products have. The lip plumper is supposed to nourish, smooth lips and give an instantly visible and long-term plumping results. It also hydrates with the help of Dragon’s Blood and the addition of Chilli Extract provides an instant tingling and plumping sensation.

Due to the Chilli Extract, the brand recommends when using the first time, apply once daily to start off and increase use gradually over next few days. In case of any discomfort, discontinue use.


The product comes out by clicking the end of the pen. You will gradually see a peach colored gel coming out of the brush tip that then can be applied to the lips. I don’t like the packaging of this product. Again, you can’t see how much is left and I have to click a lot of times to get a bit of product out, which becomes harder when you haven’t used to product for a time. I would’ve rather seen a twistable pen or a doe foot applicator.


Here’s my lips after using the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask and XXL Lip Plumper. I didn’t use the lip plumper over time because I rather use this for special occasions. The plumping effect is immediately very visible and due to that, my lips are also less wrinkly, look a lot smoother and has a subtle glossy finish without feeling sticky. The product has a peachy scent and I can definitely notice the Chilli Extract, because I can feel the tingling/warming sensation that you would usually have when eating chilli. I don’t find this effect uncomfortable at all but and I kinda like it, but I think the comfort sensation is definitely user dependent.


Here’s an before/after overview of using both the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Lip Mask and XXL Lip Plumper. As you can see, even my lips can get much plumper than they are. I really love the effect and I think both products are really great. I do think I can get the same plumping effect when using a lipscrub however, the immediate moisturizing effect on my dry and crusty lips is something that I don’t get from any other lip product that I’ve tried so far, so I’m absolutely impressed by the moisturizing properties of the products.


The new Rodial Dragon’s Blood products were certainly impressive and were awesome just as the name of the line. If I had to say one negative thing about the products, is that the Lip products are quite expensive for the amount that you get, while in contrast, the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Velvet Cream will last for months, since the cream is so thick and rich, only a pea-sized amount is needed for each use. I also can’t really pick a favorite because all products work as they supposed to. I do have to say that I love the immediate effect of the lip products.  

The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Skincare Line contains many other products so if you have dry skin that has a lack of moisture like myself, it would be definitely interesting to check out the products.


The Rodial Dragon’s Blood Skincare Line as well as other Rodial skincare products are available at and selected Ici Paris XL stores.

Which Rodial Dragon’s Blood product would you be most interested in to try out?

*These products were sent to me for review. Please check out my disclosure page for more information.

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