Ted Baker Mia Eau de Toilette Review

Ted Baker has launched three fragrances inspired by the fashion collection Ted’s Sweet Treats, a collection of fragrances that are classic, soft and feminine combined with a modern twist. These fragrances are designed for girls who love scents with a lot of personality, giving off an aura of glamour and sophistication. For today’s post, I’m going to review one of the three fragrances, the Ted Baker Mia Eau de Toilette.

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Father’s Day Tip: Ted Baker Tonics Fragrance Collection

The British designer label Ted Baker has recently launched the Ted Baker Tonics Fragrance Collection, which consists of tonics for men that combines a fascination of the alchemy of aroma with the world’s most sought after elements; Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag) and Gold (Au). For this post, I’m going to review the Ted Baker Tonics Fragrances in Copper (Cu) and Silver (Ag).

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